New World needs to address the banning system!

I have written to New World support multiple times and no response has been received.
Last week I was initially permanently banned and I could not recall doing anything that would cause this. I dont use bots, I dont swear, i dont gold dupe, i dont do anything “illegal”. When lodging a review and asking for a reason, the response was - “after review, we have downgraded the ban to 24 hour ban and the reason was for Spamming”. Now I have NEVER spammed, EVER! When I asked them for screenshots, they refused to reply and gave the typical “we will not be responding to any further correspondance”.

I believe this came right after a war and this provides further evidence the New World banning system does not review each individual case but is automated and they do not hold any data to review their banning decisions. It seems the bans are from unsubstantiated reports from players. It further supports player reports that companies will mass report the enemy team to kick them off wars, even though the banned player is innocent.

THIS HAS TO BE FIXED!!! HOW IS THIS ALLOWED???. It is such a large hole in a great game. I am not complaining i got banned for no reason (though this sucks!) I am advising the community and the devs there is a massive “bug” that needs to be addressed otherwise the more is it exploited the more players quit the game and through no fault of their own. It is too easy to get someone banned and the appeal process does not address the flaws of the system.

If anyone has their own experiences please share below, this needs to be addressed or at the very least while it is being addressed the banning system needs to be toned down to allow players to play in the New World.

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