New World new mob types

In response to your request here is the start of my vision of new mobs for a bestiary!

Note: These are just my fun ideas and would love to see an iteration of them in the game! Feel free to add any that you want or comment on the ones you like!

The only rule is you have to use the standard paint program.

Dubloon Master

Doubloon Master is a semi-rare mob that spawns in coastal lost areas that are pirate focused. Has a flintlock pistol in his left hand and a hook in place of his right. The eye patch is a must! He is initially aggressive but once his health lowers to half he will attempt to run away and drop snares behind him. Every time he hits you with a ranged attack you lose 5 gold, but fear not for once he has been killed you get a “Doubloons” worth of gold back (and your original lost gold if any). Yes I misspelled Doubloon in the original :smiley:

Enemy Type: Lost

Primary attack: Ranged

Special ability: Forces players to lose five gold per ranged attack

Starmetal Golem

Starmetal Golem is a mob type that has a true mining value! Spawning in all territories this golem is very rocky and very angry. His most notable features are the starmetal veins running all over him, his overly large sized starmetal hand (Only one!) and his one eye that is a starmetal rock. You will have to be able to dodge or block effectively to destroy one of these guys but if you can get past his high health and armor a mining treasure awaits.

Enemy Type: Nature

Primary Attack: Melee with focus on AoE stuns

Special Ability: If hit with direct attack from his big hand the player is knocked back 40m.

Special Characteristic: Once he is killed his body becomes mineable and the player will receive 200 starmetal ore. Add a rare chance in Shattered Mountain to spawn an Orichalcum golem.

Note: Good opportunity to add the starmetal meteors with this guy as he could spawn with them!


Bats are as exactly what they sound like. Nothing fancy, no corruption, just very evil night time only spawning bats. First flying creature in the game that will pester players randomly in the night. While not strong individually, they can be very deadly in large groups.

Enemy Type: Nature

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: If “bitten” by a special attack you will bleed and attract other bats until all are killed.

Swamp Leech

Swamp Leeches are nasty little buggers that spawn in shallow water only in Reekwater and Brightwood. Once bitten they cause rend/slowing and are a true nuisance. Not everything is a loss when it comes to be attacked by a leech however as on rare occasions when killed a leech will drop craft mods of various animal types it has devoured!

Enemy Type: Nature

Primary Attack: Melee/sucking

Special Ability: If hit with “Prey Latch” player is slowed by 50% and Rend is applied

Special Characteristic: On rare occasions on a kill a leech can drop various craft mods

Withered Vara Knight

Withered Vara Knights are the definition of a brute. Strong, aggressive, and a lot of armor to back them up they will charge headfirst into your group. Having landed on the beaches and strayed from the main force these knights have slowly starved into empty husks of their former selves. Be careful of their mighty swords for they have not forgotten how to use them!

Enemy Type: Lost

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: This enemy has two specials. The first being “Armor of the Undead” which after striking the knight three times a player is given poison for 5s. Second ability is “Shriek” which activates when the knight is at 50% health. This ability causes knockback and summons 4 withered mobs to assist the knight.

Korum Tadpole

Korum Tadpoles love fishing hotspots! Doesn’t matter if the water is deep or shallow the Korum Tadpole has adapted to survive in both enviroments. In the shallow water they wait in stillness for bullfrogs and fish to swim near the surface, in the deep they deceive their prey by acting like a sunken log and wait for them to come for shelter. Players in the world have a chance to be snagged by this beast and if hooked the Korum Tadpole will swim to the shore very quickly and engage a player. Beware their bite!

Enemy Type: Nature

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: “Big Jaw” is an ability that causes a large amount of physical damage and if the tadpole is able to strike a player with it the tadpole will become enraged and gain 10% damage per “Big Jaw”

Special Characteristic: Drops “Korum” bait that will give a larger chance of catching rare fish for 5min (Tradeable)


Mimic is last on this list but not least by any means! The old fashioned and tested to be true mimic will be in areas all across the world. This fella doesn’t need much explaining at all.

Enemy Type: Corrupted (Due to being a corrupted chest)

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: Hides as a normal loot chest in the world and needs to be defeated once activated to get the original chest. If a player does not respond to an ALERT within 1s the mimic will stun and attack the player for 3s dealing 35% max health as damage.

That is all I have for now. If you enjoyed these please feel free to add some yourself and I will continue as well!

@Centeotl @Luxendra


Hi Snagglepus, these are some great suggestions you have here. I will make sure they get sent up to the Dev team so they can have a look. We appreciate you taking the time to do this, take care!

p.s. I love the drawings


Additions to the library…

Accursed Flame Shaman

Accursed Mage of the Flame are Dryads that have converted to the Cult of the Accursed Flame. Despised by their brethren the Cult of the Accursed Flame have determined the only way to rid nature of these vermin is by purging everything with fire, even if it damns themselves!

Enemy Type: Dryad (Fire attributes)

Primary Attack: Ranged

Special Ability: “Natures Rage” targets the player and two random locations around them with erupting flames from the ground. If a player is caught in the AoE then burning briars capture them and apply burn for 8s and stun for 1s.

Special Characteristic: Any nearby Dryad have a chance to convert to the cult of the Accursed Flame and create an explosion of flames once “converted” which applies a knockback w/ the explosion and the dryad has flame attributes to all attacks and defensive abilities.

Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart is a wandering spirit that will randomly appear to players in the open world at night. Some say when he appears all sound goes away and you can hear his ghostly steps walking towards you. Cast in pale blue glow and the feeling of sadness you know when he is near. His heart longs for a loved one that is no longer with him…

Enemy Type: Lost

Primary Attack: Melee/Ranged

Special Ability: “Love Lost” is a debuff that causes 50% slow for 5s. If an attack lands during this debuff then the Bleeding Heart gets a 20% boost to movement speed and attack speed.

Special Characteristic: (RANDOM ENCOUNTER) The Bleeding Heart will initially walk past a player on a lonely road. If attacked all attributes above will come into affect. If the player decides to talk to the Bleed Heart then a quest line will appear to bring his lover’s spirit to rest so he may join her. (If liked quest will be written)

Korum Tophat Ambusher

Korum Tophat Ambusher is an underground based predator that stalks fauna and players alike in the world. Attracted to noise the Korum Ambushers prefer areas where large amount of gathering or fauna are present. They wait to attack with full surprise and have been known to take down large prey as they feast on their meal. Sporting a disc like head they love to burrow in the ground and use their front two nostrils to detect movement. Beware!

Enemy Type: Nature

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: “Surprise Attack!” Waiting for players to gather their latest kill the Ambusher leaps out of the ground and attacks dealing 500 physical damage and dropping a players stamina to zero.

Special Characteristic: Once killed the Korum Ambusher drops “Ambusher Talons” which grant 5% luck in gathering (Tradeable). Korum Ambushers wait for players at nodes or downed fauna and will strike at anytime during the gathering process. An alert of dirt moving will appear near the player so they may dodge the initial attack.

Thanks for looking at my entries! More to come!!


More additions…

Aeternum Devil

Aeternum Devils are ferocious beasts that should be avoided at all costs. These monsters patrol the northern territories and fiercely guard their territory. Many a traveler have mistaken the Aeternum Devil as a mere wolf and died for that mistake! Bony spikes protrude along its body in a protective and random fashion and its spine erupts from its flesh making it costly to strike the creature. While avoiding the spikes adventurers beware the tail that hosts a large bone spike.

Enemy Type: Beast

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: “Bone Armor” is a defensive passive that provides a 50% chance per hit on the Aeternum Devil to cause bleeding on the player. Bleed lasts for 5s per hit. Second ability is “Tail Whip” which sends the Aeternum Devil in a dodge backwards and casts three spikes from its tail in a fan like pattern. If a player is struck they take physical damage and the Aeternum Devil will pounce forward knocking the player back. (Only pounces if struck with ranged spike)

Special Characteristic: The Aeternum Devil is a very tough opponent and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Friends or many potions should be brought. Dodging and patience will bring victory. Has chance to drop “Hide and Bone” armor set which gives beast bane and other perks.

Oil Zombie

*Oil Zombie (Zur) is a lonely figure that wanders in Weavers Fen oil pits. Passive until provoked this rotting beast slowly paces with what seems like no thought at all. Covered in oily drops that seep into its flesh and bones this creature is a horrendous sight to behold. Standing tall at 9 ft tall the Oil Zombie easily towers over any knight. Some say he is a withered miner that gave up forever ago, while others whisper of something darker at foot…

Enemy Type: Lost

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: “Black Gold” is an AoE that erupts around the zombie and slowly sucks in all players around it. Players have 3s to pass a DPS check while being dragged towards the Oil Zombie. If they pass the check the Oil Zombie is stunned briefly. If they fail the check players are covered in oil, slowed for 30% for 5s and thrown from the Oil Zombie.

Special Characteristic: Heavy hitter the Oil Zombie can lay hate to the tankiest of tanks. He is however slow and can be dodged effectively. If struck players have a chance to be covered in oil and slowed for 15%. Upon death will drop 100 oil and low chance to drop a quest. (If liked will write follow on quest)

All for now! Thanks for looking at my horrible attempts at drawing :smiley:


This addition is from a friend of mine who also plays!

Name: Terrordopsida
Faction: Angry Earth
Damage: Nature
Two Variants: Both have the same body type, but act differently based on how they’re encountered.

Variant 1: This Terrordopsida is found in Reekwater amongst the swamps and has a cloak of dense ferns. These ferns offer amazing defense against melee attacks. It has the ability to cast a Blight AOE around itself in response to melee attacks. Primary attack is by shooting bullets shaped like fiddleheads.

Variant 2: This variant is located in Edengrove. It’s defense is much lower than variant 1, but it makes up for it in speed. It’s arms are coiled by default but uncoil and primarily act as whips. In their coiled form, they act as stilettos. Getting hit when it’s arms are coiled have the ability to pierce shields. Whips do strike damage, while the coiled vines do strike.

Mechanic: If encountered naturally, killing these mobs will drop a large assortment of motes at random. However, with the addition of a Magical Plant Essence item, you can choose what mote drops from the mob instead. Magical Plant Essence is named after the flower you would normally get the mote from. (E.G. Lifebloom Essence, Earthspine Essence) Using the essence will give the player a buff that affects the drops. Magical Plant essence can be crafted with Arcana Proficiency or bought with the upcoming Azoth Salt PVP reward.

More to come soon! :beers:

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Hire this guy.


Corrupted Plague Doctor

*Corrupted Plague Doctors are a curse upon Aeternum and its inhabitants. They have been twisted in believing that the cure for suffering and blight in this world is corruption, the ultimate cure. Hated by their former Syndicate members they are a high priority for purging. Beware their frail appearance for the Plague Doctors have become horrific versions of their former selves.

Enemy Type: Corrupted

Primary Attack: Ranged

Special Ability: “Children of Corruption” Allows the Plague Doctor to raise corrupted grunts and corrupted raiders to aid it in battle. Second ability is “Corrupted blessing” which puts a debuff on a player that lasts 3s and once complete causes an explosion around them in an AoE that deals 1500 elemental damage and spawns a large corrupted source on the ground.

Special Characteristic: The Corrupted Plague Doctor exerts corrupted presence and causes any players close to drop corruption resistance quickly. If not taken out the Plague Doctor will constantly spawn additional corrupted mobs. Take him out quickly or else he will overwhelm you. On death has chance to drop Corrupted Runes/Sliver of Corruption (Tradeable)

Note: Can be a target of faction missions. Will spread corruption past portals and acts as an agent of corruption that walks the territory. Spawns from MAJOR portals and will walk towards fast travel shrines. If reached will corrupt the shrine making it unusable and acts as a Corrupted Monolith until cleared.

More to come! Feel free to add or comment :beers:

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Some mad MS Paint skills in here.


Accursed Flame Knight

*Accursed Flame Knights are converted Dryads to the Cult of the Accursed Flame who safeguard their fellow converts and help spread the purity of the flame. Beware these knights as they will gladly sacrifice themselves to purify any blight and trespassers on nature’s land!

Enemy Type: Angry Earth

Primary Attack: Melee

Special Ability: “Purity Flame” is a passive ability that burns a player on hit for 5s. Second ability is “Oath of the Flame” which grants the Accursed Knight the ability to set fire to his shield causing AoE flame damage as he casts and on a successful block burns the player for 5s. Once the ability is over he no longer has a shield.

Special Characteristic: Upon death while using a fire ability has a chance to drop 5 fire motes.

Rum Master

*Rum Masters are treasure seeking pirates that washed up onto Aeternum thinking they struck gold. Constant death and panic met them and to cope with their sorrows they got lost in a bottle. These former captains now seek only one thing and that is to drown their sorrows with anything they can find.

Enemy Type: Lost

Primary Attack: Ranged/Melee

Special Ability: “Where’s the Rum?” is a ranged attack that the Rum Master has which he hurls a bottle at a player. Upon landing either ground or player the bottle explodes in an AoE that causes 750 physical damage and causes the player to be disorientated. Will also target friendly Lost mobs in the vicinity with “shots” of Captain’s Rum which cause them to be enraged and hasted.

Special Characteristic: Has a rare drop of Captain’s Rum which is a furnishing item for housing. Additionally, can cause disorientated which makes a players inputs swap inverse for 5s.

Thats all for now! Thanks for viewing :beers: :wine_glass:


Mi’Okith are a horrifying sight to behold. Standing 8 feet tall these monstrosities cause fear and panic to all who encounter. Physical manifestations of nightmares these corrupted are able to enter Aeternum through corrupted portals and feed off of the fear they produce. A writhing mass of tentacles, eyes, teeth, and muffled screams that erupt from its flesh. Some Soulwardens oddly enough have been seduced to corruption by these foul creatures, no one knows how this is done… either through pure terror or maybe a mimic of a loved one devoured by its appetite for fear and terror calls to them…

Enemy Type: Corrupted

Primary Attack: Ranged

Special Ability: “Mass Fear” is a passive ability that causes weaken to all players near it and over time will cause corruption on the ground of any “feared” players. “Whiplash” is a basic ranged melee attack and “Gnashing Teeth” is a close ranged melee strike that causes a 1s stun and 1500 physical damage.

Special Characteristic: Upon death can drop slivers of corruptions and chunks of corruption.

Note: “Mass Fear” causes all corrupted nearby to be buffed with additional damage and abilities per X players nearby.

If two players are affected then x1.5 damage is given to all corrupted nearby.

If three players are nearby then x1.75 damage buff and 25% chance to stun on heavy attack for 1s.

If 4 or more players are nearby then x2 damage buff and 30% chance to stun on heavy attack as well as drop in corruption resistance per hit

They should add all the north american “mystical” animals like bigfoot as rare mobs.

Imagine seeing bigfoot while chopping some trees. How cool would that be.

For right now I am trying to get ideas from European dark fantasy creatures. I got the idea from @craybest and am pushing that for now.

I do like the idea of maybe a bigfoot in some ironwood groves?

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Oh yeah that works too! I just thought about NA because in my head aeternum resembles NA and its discovery.

This is a list of legendary creatures in europe, some cool stuff here.

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Also possibly corrupted beavers? :smiley:

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Absolutely! Beavers should be in the game. And squirrels too!

the greedy goblin

he is deadly with a bow and wants you to stay away from his large sack

gentle moss giants are neutral who keep to themselves and dont mind a dose of the daily green by their camp

the amphlibians hang around bodies of water, and their mischiveous nature always leads to something fishy going on

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Define fishy :smile:

Not sure bro, but this pigmy is keen for a good bone

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I love many of these! I think y have my favorites for now ;D

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