New world no product information found cannot initialize game

How to fix that ??

I have restarted my pc, I have updated windows, I have disabled ip


Hello Adventurer!

I’m sorry to hear about the situation you’re going through while trying to play New World. In this thread that i’ll link, you will be able to find lots of fixes that have helped many players with this issue you are experiencing!


i already did that and still its not working !

No working. The game crashed and when i restarted i got this.

Fix this!

Did you allow the app through the firewall? Because if you didn’t you’d get that Error. Then after probably things wont load because they messed up IPV6 & have not patched it yet.

Steam\steamapps\common\New World\NewWorldLauncher.exe
Steam\steamapps\common\New World\Bin64\NewWorld.exe

LE: Worked with Fix enabled + PC Restart

Same error for me, I tried the fix and the result was that it is still crashing.
Paying 40E euros for a game that I can’t play this is so amazing. Is it possible to get a refund if it was bough via Steam? :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say how I fixed this error. I went to Steam and verified the files of the game. Launched New World with no issues. Hope it helps someone else.

This worked for me, thanks!

I just got this error after playing the game for a total of 194.8 hours. nothing changed on my computer. happend while gaming, now its not fixing. >.>

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Initially I tried it all, and still nothing. IvP6 is still disabled, I verified steam files, i deleted the AGS folders in appdata Local, and my user account, i repaired the easy anticheat program, and I deleted and reinstalled the game.

My Solution: On the 3rd day, I opened ports on my modem and my router TCP 80, 443, and UDP 33435. restarted and I got in. Honestly, while I finally got it to work, I have no idea if anything i did helped, or didnt help, or if it was a combination of those things.

This one worked for me. Thanks!

you must going to internet setup open setup for your internet and unclick IPv6 and will be fixed
when this no work restart computer restart router for some people work this

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I’m having this issue now. I have tried all the fixes above

Same issue here. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet ughhhh

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Hello, go to this site : Test your IPv6.
It will tell you if the probleme come from your side, if yes try try restarting your connection that should stop the probleme, if not at least you’ll have a hint on what to look for on google ^^.

Any update regarding this? I have the same issue, I tried the steps above + reinstall and nothing works.

Worked for me. Thanks!

Worked for me…
However it’s still very strange this error occured after playing for 123hours?!

But ok, I’m in again…

I am facing this issue at the moment after playing earlier today. Nothing has changed from my end. I tried the post fix as well as everything else shared by the community, yet the problem persists. Anyone able to offer a feasible solution?

Yeah they update the game and it breaks