New World Numbers Dropping | Content Lock Outs & No Full PvP Content Cycle

I want to start off by saying that anyone reading this post, quite clearly enjoys playing New World and wants the game to succeed but will agree we are in desperate need of changes being made to existing content, as well as new content being implemented. I am going to just gloss past “bugs” because the purpose of this month is to have them fixed and we are all more than aware of the effect they are having on gameplay.

None of the core gameplay issues can be cured by a server merge, all this does is create a nice recruitment pool for the resilient and optimistic people who believe in the potential of the game. Ultimately a decent majority of those players will become fed up and another batch of server merges will occur, grouping the next wave of resilient survivors together.

Again, before I dive in, it’s important to understand that this game is fantastic and for me, it doesn’t need 17 more dungeons, a new area of the map unlocked, or a new weapon. The issue is the content cycle.

Player-Vs-Player interactions form a large portion of the content in New world and right now the PvP content cycle is a dead one. More importantly, as an MMO its PvP content is not remotely inclusive.

Let’s paint a picture, you and a few friends have actively been playing the game together for a while, your level 60, you feel like you have a nice standard of gear, and you are ready to move from the casual lifestyle into the PvP environment.

  •    Is there somewhere you can go to test your PvP Skills & Builds out in a 1v1 scenario? No, so you practice with friends maybe, in an extremely casual manner.
  •    What about 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, etc? No, so again you play amongst friends in an extremely casual manner.
  •    You haven’t ever attended a war, is there someone you can join a group to compete in a non-territory based almost “Practice War” and prove yourself? No.
  •    My faction has 4 wars today, have my chances of being selected for war increased? No, in fact, if the wars are at different times, the faction can send the same 50 to every single war and are under 0 pressure to include anyone or offer opportunity to that outside of the faction-war-roster.
  •   My Company is attacking or defending a territory, does that increase my chances of going to war? Kind of, the declaring or defending company is under no pressure to supply a single person, let alone a majority so they can simply select the best players the faction offers, and their individual strength is almost irrelevant.
  •    I’m thinking of starting my own company. Is there any way for me to war other groups that sit around the same level as myself and work my way up the ladder until I am competing with the best? No.

What are my options for guaranteed PvP now I’m ready to rock ‘n’ roll?

  •    Queue Out Post Rosh – In groups of 1-5 that fill rosters of 20v0 with 0 team balancing and typically unbalanced games at no fault of anyone participating. You could have 5 Healers; you could have 1. The other team could have 10, who knows?
  •    Set out into the world flagged for PvP taking the biggest group of people you can find in a meta that revolves entirely around outnumbering your opponent or ambushing a fire staff fleeing harvester collecting hemp. Roam the map hunting for kills or camping chests. 

So, as negative as this all sounds, what are the simple fixes that can be implemented to make the game more balanced, more inclusive, and offer repeatable content?

  •    Firstly, a system to queue arena-based duels. This is “New Content” but would create a huge landscape for people to have different builds for 1v1 and XvX environments. This would give people the chance to build compositions with friends and open the opportunity for rank systems, leaderboards, new gear, PvP Shops, etc.
  •    Raid Groups for OPR – Pretty simple, be able to do 20v20 rosters that fight against each other, companies could schedule fights even “inter-faction”. Or simply be able to queue in a separate “Raid Queue” where parties can be any size from 1-20.
  •    Enable the territory wars to be practiced, i.e. You can schedule an “Everfall” war against another company with no territory to gain and can pick who defends/attacks. You could do this as frequently as you want, enabling everyone access to the content. Companies could also do B03s etc. changing the whole landscape, which means everyone can find a place in the content.
  •    You could even have weekly/monthly leagues where people can war each other and compete to be the best company over a specific period, do roster locks, etc. You could do a champion’s league level format where you have groups of 4 that fight over two weeks, and the top 2 teams go to a knockout system that gets played over the following two weeks until we have a “Server Champion”. You could then eventually, have the winners of each server, compete against each other. Would change the competitive environment and not make everything about being a part of the war-roster that competes for territory and could offer a “Season format”. This would also encourage people to create companies which ultimately solidifies the player-base because people play for the friendships they make. On top of that, it would give everyone in a particular company the chance to experience the content.

The last thing to offer inclusivity is to make multiple territory wars test the depth of a faction, regardless of the siege window times. Siege windows should be there to aid the defending company in having the wartime on their terms. Not used in a way where the same guys can defend/attack all territory. Anyone player should be able to compete in 1 War per day for either attacking or defending so a max of two per day in total.

This means if multiple territories are under pressure, it tests the depth of the warring factions and their entire army not just the “best” and gives people who may not be a part of the “A” team the opportunity to war and show what they can do, it gives people the opportunity to lead and experience the content at all levels.

This also means territory will flip more often, which offers more diversity and opportunity for everyone across the server.

And I think those overall changes and long-term pieces of content offer ways for people to access and enjoy different levels of PvP content, they can have fun on their own, in small groups, in large groups or in war scenarios. It also stops people from being locked out from any content and forces companies and be it factions to be far more inclusive.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


  • We need repeatable content like Arenas
  • We need to be able to do 20v20 Raid Queues in OPR
  • We need to be able to do “Practice Wars”.
  • You shouldn’t be able to defend or attack multiple times a day.
  • We need a road map for the evolution of PvP in New World.

So first of all I agree with author of this post. Merges are going to help for a moment, it is not a long term solution. We need something to do. Mutators are not enough, each person can do few weekly. Lets say around 10 (group of 5 each with 2 orbs) T7, its 10-15k umbral shards on gold. Each run takes up to 40 min. 400 min of grinding dungs. So fun for 7h and what next for rest of the week? Lets be honest with each other, most of people that are still playing in this game are around 600 expertize. And i am talking about active players, not players that log in for hour, dont get me wrong. So from people that have 590 + expertize, each server have at least half of them with 610+, am I wrong?

So what this people can do after doing mutators to increase experize? Gypsum cast. How long does it takes daily? around 2-3h? So lets say our “content” right now is expiertize. U need to spend daily around 2h on game and you can log off. Our PVE content are mutators right now and gypsum orbs. Maybe some chest runs and bit of farming for CD materials. What is our PVP content? Unrewarding OPR, open world pvp and wars.

After certain hours of playing OPR is just boring and unrewarding. For spending 30 min you are getting 300g? Ofc, its good field to practice some pvp skills, but its basic training. There was and still there is too much haos in OPR. So what people are doing to get more experience? People are organizing some open world duels, 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 just to practice. And its popular entartainment in game. And people are doing it for a long time.

So why game dont have it yet? We are waiting for it. We want to duel with players with some leaderboard. There is no competition other than wars in this game. And I know they want to implement it to game. We are waiting for it for a long time. But pls… First test it, create leaderboard or something. We dont want to just fight for nothing. People strive to be “the best”. “Best duo” on server, “Best 1v1 on server”. People want to be better, but we are not able to achive that in open world duels where there are not strict rules etc. We are waiting for arenas but we want it to work as it should. We will wait for it even longer, but promise it will be out of bugs, out of lags, no special exploit, and even if u accidentaly “implement feature” to the game, block it from usage in arena. I believe its not that hard. Why dont make two types of arenas? One with your gear and second with deafult set, only thing u can change is skill tree. That would be fair, when your skill matter, not gear. Imagine new players actively playing it. That would be something. It is not the blade that makes a mighty warrior, but the time he has spent becoming one with it.

Last thing… wars. As we all know defenders are suppose to win 80% of fights. But what are we calling defenders? I think they are people that own land and they are suppose to take care of it. So now i have two questions. Why there are no limits on ammount of helpers from other companies in wars and why after failing paying taxes few times, company owning it is still owner? Basicly there are two problems. First, each faction need only one group to protect all lands. That is not healthy for the game. Imagine 1000 on server and only 150 of them are allowed in each war. We are fighting on our server to block this kind of behavior but with no effect. Each company for their war should put at least half of rooster created by their man. And it is not about to avoid best gear player everywhere but to allow other people to play. It’s sick to see that with 3 wars in same day vs enemy faction we are seeing same rooster every time. I am not complaining about war as war (but i could tell a little about this annoying respawns on point). I love this game and i want it to be healthy with rly good community. Second thing is we see some dead companies or weak companies that have some terrytory, taken by this 50 best rooster, and they are failing to pay taxes, and not once, not twice. On some servers, at least before merges, some companies were just not paying taxes. And not bcs they were not making money or they were inactive. They just weren’ paying. Why not implement something like: if company that is owning terrytory won’t pay taxes for 2 weeks is loosing terrytory and it becomes gray and open for pushing influence. That would help a lot with rotation of settlements.

And whats Eoxi said about “practise wars”. I kind of disagree of form of that but each comapny should be able to make simulation. Just go with your full rooster and empty war site and practice calls, rotations, respawns, etc etc. Ofc that would be better with enemies, but it’s better to not show your strategy, right? ;).

Thats all I wanted to add, sry for my bad English, hope you will understand and forgive me. We all love the game, and we want it to be better, but in same time we want to have something to do that game is not offering us now.

Take care mates :slight_smile: :grin:

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I agree, the PvP needs to be more inclusive. I want to PvP more but OPR is kinda unbalanced and it’s hard to get into wars

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The game is in desperate need for some of these changes! It needs to be more inclusive for all.

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