New World of broken promises


So here we are, promised that the transfer between regions will be possible, then we retract and we realize that what was promised was a lie.

I found myself like everyone else at the beginning of the game to have endless queues of over 8000 people. I just couldn’t play the game. I found the solution to start my adventure on another region with a much smaller population. I could finally play the game !!! (with a latency of not less than 120 ms…)

I was happy to hear that transfers between servers would be available soon. And that there would be no problem to move from one region to another… So I’ve done my best to climb to level 55 and I don’t talk about the jobs :). I thought my character would be able to go from NA server to Europe without any problem.

Now I’m bummed that Amazon won’t let us transfer from one region to another.
I did everything:
-Contacted their support (who sent me elsewhere)
-Create a topic to try to make myself heard (And I’m not the only one in this situation)
-Contact the support again
(Their answers were “you already contacted us for this problem of server transfer, it is not possible, goodbye”)

I’m fed up with it. Your concern is about communication. You don’t know how to communicate with your players (customers anyway…)

I know that my transfer will be refused but I wanted to point out that you wasted my time with promises that you did not keep.



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