New World on Mac OS?

Would it be possible to bring New World to Mac? Especially now that the m1 pro/max have been released? Would you guys be interested in something like this?

PC master race does not approve of such foul ideas

Haha fair enough, not trying to disparage pc gamers just wanna game on my preferred platform :joy:

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Geforce Now on Mac works pretty well for New World .

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I’ve tried it but had some issues with resolution/latency (despite having a decent connection/speeds). Do you play NW through GeForce now primarily? How is it running for you?

Works well enough for trading, gathering and fishing but you probably don’t want to PvP with it.

dude this gets asked in every game release.

the answer is no. PC power, graphics , cpu etc are all superior in this arena.

I own a brand new M1 Pro 2021 MacBook Pro and it would burst into flames playing this game at 10FPS.

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