New World Optimization Guide (Lag + Stuttering Fix) by Angziety

Yo forum dwellers,

Since the game is pretty poorly optimized, I’ve made a guide over the steps I’ve taken to reduce the lag and fps stutters that I was experiencing while playing the game. These optimizations have made the game run a lot smoother for me, so I figured it was time to share here in case it can help other players. Please note that these steps wont magically boost your FPS, but they can reduce input latency, stutters, lag and even improve your ping.

Guide here: New World Optimization Guide (Lag + Stuttering Fix) by Angziety | Updated Jan 16th 2023 - Google Docs

My specs for reference: i9-10850K @ 5Ghz, RTX3090, 32GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM, Win 10 64-bit

If you’re concerned about trying any of the steps I listed in the guide, go ahead and create a system restore point before you start and you can always revert back in case something breaks.

Make sure to restart your PC after completing all steps and jump back into the game to see if it helps!

Curious to know if this helps anyone else, please leave a comment below if any of the steps I listed have helped you.



Hello angziety,

I really want to thank you for sharing your post optimizing New World’s performance. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

Let’s wait for other player’s feedback using your guidance to make their experience smoother for them as well.

Thanks again for all your feedback and I wish you safe travels in Aeternum. :world_map: (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

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All of this is kind of hoax to me honestly. Never had issues before - never changed anything to my settings or setup - never changed anything to my ip, router or any network settings.

All i experience is RTT spikes most of the times right after i fast travel somewhere or when i approach a new area. And it happened because of the either game update, code change within the game/patch or some sort of server changes - not on my side.

Going into the rabbit hole of “its my fault i can fix it” will most likely end up messing something up and it wont fix anything. Bottom line is the game was working fine previously (no RTT spikes at all) - and suddenly they started to appear. So how i can fix something if i havent changed anything. Thanks but seems like a waste of time and some of the devs should look into it - not me.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect yours.

I went through all these steps and they noticeably improved performance for me on my rig. We all know the game is poorly optimized, but there’s no reason why you can’t try to make some changes on your end to improve performance if you enjoy playing the game. I enjoy the game and want to play with the smoothest fps possible. I’m not going to sit around on my hands and hope for the best, hence the steps I recommended. I’ve never claimed any of this is ‘my fault’, but if I can tinker with stuff on my end to improve performance, I will. I recognize this is not for everyone, but some people have already found it helpful, hence why I decided to share it here.


Our helpdesk gets told this all day long.


IT: Has anything changed?

User: NO! NOTHING HAS CHANGED! It worked fine yesterday!

IT: Why is it full of water?


True story dat!

@angziety, tried out yours step and it works on my side. It didn’t remove the issue completely but it sure makes it more stable after couple days of monitoring.
Well, it sure come with some drop in-game visual effect (just in case the next adventurer wonder what’s change after the configuration) which is totally fine by me so long the input latency is much more stable.
Respect your effort in compiling the guide.

Honestly? I’ve seen people here whose hard drives were 100% full, whose memory was 100% full and who were constantly complaining about lags. I told them to make room so that the system can also swap files. They didn’t know that this could affect the game. After they had cleaned up their resources a bit, the game ran smoothly.

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glad I could help improve things for you! :saluting_face:

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