New world problem

new world problem
starts at random craft, bis item values ​​passing the maximum value loaded. On the server where I play a ring was sold at 1.2M, only the big guilds have such a high purchasing power.
A full bis player crushes any rookie player 625, the perks make a huge difference! Small and new guilds will never stand a chance against the big ones in power. That’s a lot of gold involved!
Another factor is the factions, big companies have their team assembled and they don’t help players of the same color, on the server where I play the main yellow guild is expanding its players to other colors, all to keep the cities of high profit.
server where the game is totally manipulated, maybe improving the craft and removing the factions of the game the newbies and small guilds could unite, making the game more enjoyable and also taking the mice out of power?

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