New World PTR not Available for Download

That is just pure speculation, and not really how this is usually done.

That is the way I read the post, Thanks for posting that link, it says more than the Devs do here as to the status of the release. I wish they would tell the truth instead of either posting it before it will be avalible or not posting. It seems they have a hard time telling which for what

I’m sorry that you aren’t used to how this company does things then xD

honestly, that is the way it SHOULD NOT BE Done. If they want to shoot speculation out, then I feel that they have no idea what they are doing. You just do not shoot out statements that are not viaible.

bro what are you TALKING ABOUT.
They said it will appear in your steam library so you can download it. They left out ‘later’.

your comments aren’t making any sense lol. He’s just seeking clarification on something they very plainly stated and was incorrect. What are you trying to start drama by just egging on needlessly? Let’s all just enjoy the content when it comes and chillax. No need to comment if said comment is just downgrading the quality of everything. :slight_smile:


They’re literally just going back and forth like some insane gold fish. Clearly, if you cannot pre-load it, it’s not available yet. They said "Downloading this stand-alone application allows interested players access”
That statement isn’t even incorrect. It WILL be available for you to download. Just not immediately.
Also, see post after yours.

You’re agreeing with us now. I think you misread the original text, bro. No worries here! Enjoy the test server when it launches!

They left it out because they literally said, “By the end of today,” That was yesterday. Most logical people would expect it by, at the latest, early this morning for pre-load.

Thank you, Miku. Not AGS. This would have been more helpful if they had added anywhere related to the already existing PTR info.

Sometimes things don’t have a pre-load option. They said it would appear in your library by end of day. I haven’t checked my library but OP had said it was there but he couldn’t download it.

Nothing about pre-loading or saying it will be available to download explicitly that night, is all I’m saying.

Sorry didn’t mean to imply it’s in my library (it’s not) just that I can see the app on steamdb and that is seeming is being updated, but not in my library nor possible to add to the library.

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Ah okay, that makes sense then

Try restarting your Steam

I have downloaded and uninstalled the “Public Test Realm” several times. it is tiny and only opens the info page in German in the browser.
Public Test Realm 2KB

english version
Public Test Realm 2KB - english

Yup inside the manifest for the public branch you can see it’s basically just a hyperlink only right now:

They likely need to bring in their default-test build into public

The “NewWorldLauncher” shortcut is basically just pointing at that NewWorld.url file in the same local file directory since NewWorldLauncher.exe doesn’t exist:
"New World" /D . /min cmd /c "if exist "NewWorldLauncher.exe" (NewWorldLauncher.exe) else (del /F steam_appid.txt&icacls newworld.url /l /setintegritylevel m&start newworld.url)


it hasn’t launched yet

Let’s Go!



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