New World Server Status - Discord BOT

Hello everyone, for a few weeks now I have created together with a friend of mine a bot that allows you to follow your favorite server, and have an updated status. If the server is offline, online or under maintenance you will know it simply by looking at the channel where you have configured the bot.

From this link, you can add the bot to your Discord server:

Follow this place to stay updated!
See you on Aeternum!


will this include how full/queue times of the server? similar to

No, it’s just to see the status of the server.

Discord has finally verified the bot, add the bot to your discord servers!

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Can you please ad a Que Status? all 10 minutes would be enough.

We are looking into adding this feature. Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks mate - added it and it seems to work fine! :smiley:

I have a bot that does this already DM me (Paradox#2901 on discord) for a link to add it - keeping private during its infancy but will be releasing it soon

How do I add server to logs with a space in the name; IE Hanan Pacha, everything I’m trying comes back as server not found.

Use " at the beginning and at the end
For example: “Hanan Pacha”

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So i currently have this bot and paradox’s bot added to my server running in conjunction…
This bot is good for checking if a server is up but DM (Paradox#2901 on discord) for a link to his discord bot. Hes done a good job with it and i verified it wasn’t some sus scam. Hes currently implimented the ability to show # of players in a world # of que’d players and wait time estimate… i wont spoil anything else since hes still in the process of making the bot and its currently not in a finished state but, his bot is worth using if you want player knowledge on que’s and total

Would also like to request server queue time function.
Is it possible to fetch info from specific lines at ?

Link isn’t working for me.

Done. Got his. Ty.

Would it be possible to have the server status show as the actual channel name like


Photo is of Member Count

For now only via embed.

My suggestion is, on your website, let people know what permissions this bot will need, why its needed and what authorizations as well.

If you can let me know here asap that’d be great because I am looking at it and why would I let this bot embed links? Since it is one of the two authorizations.

All permissions are for running the commands you see in m!help.

Look, I am trying to assist you here.

You are a random person who made a useful bot but you are giving us no information.

I ain’t adding this to my server to test out commands when there is no information about permissions and authorizations needed and why they are needed.

Not gonna buy a car first to be able to find out about the engine, torque etc.

m!set-logs APSouthEast #new-world

Hey, how should I put the server name, I can’t seem to get it to find the server.