New World Server Status - Discord BOT

Look, I am trying to assist you here.

You are a random person who made a useful bot but you are giving us no information.

I ain’t adding this to my server to test out commands when there is no information about permissions and authorizations needed and why they are needed.

If you want you can remove some permissions but the bot will not work correctly for some commands.
Embedding links is for the m!invite command, sending messages is for being able to send server status, slash commands because discord recently inserted that all bots must use slash commands in their bots.

m!set-logs APSouthEast #new-world

Hey, how should I put the server name, I can’t seem to get it to find the server.

You can find the list of servers here: Server Status | New World
you must enter the name of the server not the realm or anything else.

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This is absolutely great i love it! However, can you code the bot to mention @everyone everytime there is a change to the status of the server. This way anyone playing a different game for the time being will get a ping that the server has now gone online.

“Valhalla has now come online.”
“Valhalla has now gone offline due to maintenance.”



This would be ideal as there is no ping or anything as the status message is just edited and no new message is actually sent. The bot needs to create a new message tagging everyone. Also for the time being normal members in discord cant manually use the check command as they need a specific role. But no mention of the role name is given

i don’t use @everyone seeing as I have many users in my discord. No need to ping 200 users that don’t all play NW. would be nice to set a role that we can set for the ping. I would use a role like @ New World

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Well i was thinking my own discord that houses just my company. nobody else.

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Doesnt even have to @everyone as long as it makes a new message each time instead of editing a single one.

And you can @ everyone in a channel thats a specific server group ie NW and it wont ping everyone else

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