New World Shield Catalog 🛡

Found a spot that might work - 2nd floor of the windsward inn

Near the balcony there is a blue cloth and the other wall keeps the camera from going too far back:

Will try it

I replaced the main image, it likes to squeeze it, but its better I think

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You can try to reduce the auto format by removing the ###x### on image link:

So this part:

Changed to:

Doesn’t always work ( on my guide I gave up ) but sometimes it helps

tried it, but it likes to resize it anyway. Will mess around with it more later

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Got a big haul for you;

Cosmetic Shields

Click to Expand

Gaia Disk - Twitch Drop

Lavender Blossom - Twitch Drop

Garden Wall - Twitch Drop

Round Shields

Click to Expand

T2 - Iron

T3 - Defiled

T3 - Obelisk Guard

T3 - Soaked

T3 - Steel

T4 - Defiled

T4 - Round Shield

T4 - Starmetal

T5 - Crystalline

T5 - Defiled

T5 - Dryad

T5 - Holding Together

T5 - Mother Well Wisher Coin (Named)
→ Drops from Well Guardian

T5 - Primordial

T5 - Rondel of Hateful Defiance

T5 - Round Shield

T5 - Tempered Disruption (Named)
→ Dropped by Overseer Levy
→ Has Transparent Effect (Can’t be Dyed)

T5 - Tempestuous Buckler

T5 - Undaunted Guardian

Kite Shields

Click to Expand

T3 - Defiled

T3 - Steel

T3 - Steinviriki (Named)
→ Dropped by Sir Anton the Grim
→ Same appearance as the shield “Ulfdar’s Determination”

T3 - Waterlogged

T4 - Defiled

T4 - Kite Shield

T4 - Soaked

T5 - Brazen Shelter

T5 - Breach Closer

T5 - Compulsion (Named)

T5 - Crystalline

T5 - Eternal
→ Obtained from Mutation Dungeons

T5 - Everlasting Shade (Named)
→ Dropped in Caminus

T5 - Genuine Confidence

T5 - Herald of the Drowned

T5 - Kite Shield

T5 - Primordial

T5 - Seafloor Chorale

T5 - Tempestuous

T5 - With No Other (Named)
→ Dropped in Greater Tribulation

Tower Shields

Click to Expand

T4 - Defiled

T4 - Soaked

T4 - Starmetal

T4 - Tower Shield

T5 - Aegis of Mourning

T5 - Crystalline

T5 - Fathomless Lament

T5 - Soaked

T5 - Tempestuous

wow thank you. Will get these added as I have time

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Tagging @Thaladar - since you’ve asked me before about something like this

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Thank you very much Walruss

  • Cosmetic Shields: Completed
  • Round Shields: Completed
  • Kite Shields: Completed

Will work the others as I have time

Funny story. Some of the ones you submitted I bought, but every time I have a moment to take a picture, its nighttime in game…lol

Things to do still:

  • Redo the main image - Completed
  • Redo some of the darker images - Started
  • Alphabetize - Mostly Done
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Where is the place we should stand to take the screenshot? And how zoomed in/out should we have the camera?


Windsward Town Hall - Left of the main door by the staircase.

I’ve been zooming all the way out, then 3 mouse wheel clicks in. Might vary depending on your resolution, but just about where the staircase is at the bottom left

@FarbonC1ber - Yeah, I was going to submit some of the shields earlier but timing it with daylight has been a chore, I just happened to be in windsward hen the sun came up so figured good time to knock em out

All Shields contributed by Walruss have been added

Thank you once again

The catalog is starting to fill out nicely

If anyone has the cash shop shield skins or Tower Tier II. Would love to get those added

EDIT: Added 3 new shields

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I was hunting for some obscure Varangian shields lately ( since they’re generally not on the TP )

I’ll try again tonight, but I’ll likely be shifting my focus after the patch hits for a week or so

Also, I’m pretty sure I have the Winter recipes for round/kite shield.

I’ll try making those tonight to take a photo of


I may run through the Varangian areas also I f I can recall where they are. The Drops are few and far between

May also populate with things I don’t have like you did

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Have they released any shields or skins on Amazon Gaming so far?

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I do not believe any shield skins have been released on Prime Gaming at this time.

The Cosmetic Shields I am aware of;

Angelic Bulwark - Cash Shop

Crest of the Allsight - Cash Shop

Dragon’s Coil - Cash Shop

Gaia Disk - Twitch ( Already Submitted )

Garden Wall - Twitch ( Already Submitted )

Hekate’s Tower - Cash Shop

Lavender Blossom - Twitch Drop ( Already Submitted )

Leviathan’s Guard - Cash Shop

Star-Studded Defence - Cash Shop

Twin-Layered Blossom - Cash Shop

I may have one or two of those. Will check tonight

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Breach closer icon is fixed! Huzzah!!

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Screenshot of Leviathan Guard taken. Will post when I can

Anyone have the other cash shop skins?

Will likely remove the Amazon Gaming Section for now and will re-add if anything is released

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I’m pretty sure that at this time there are no T2 Kite Shields and no T2/T3 Tower Shields.

I recall that I wanted to play S&S at launch and was bummed I couldn’t use a tower shield till much later in the game