New World shutting off PC (5600x 6900xt 850w)

There seems to be a few threads related to this causing restarts etc., but I wanted to detail here what I’ve tested so far. My setup is a 5600x and a 6900xt with a 850w EVGA SuperNova PSU. Anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes in the menu/in the game my PC completely shuts off. This is obviously not behavior I see in any other game, even with a significantly higher load on my PSU. My temperatures are low - 50’s and 60’s for CPU, GPU, and GPU memory junctions.

I can measure my wattage at the outlet and I am nowhere near capping this PSU - Generally in the 400-450w range, and that includes my monitor being on the outlet as well.

If I drop my power limit for my 6900xt to 90% (the lowest it can go) and drop the GPU core down to 600mhz (yes, ridiculous but also the lowest I can go) the GPU pulls around 70w and I get a total of about 250-260w at the outlet. Obviously way, way low of a draw. However, even taking this extreme of a precaution I still see my PC shut off after a minute or two of playing.

HWInfo logs show no abnormal behavior.

As an additional crazy precaution, I ordered another PSU to test. Since this is not an issue with literally any other game, mining, stress test, etc. I find it crazily unlikely a PSU is the culprit here. But here we are.


I would love an answer to this.

I have a AMD Radeon 6800m with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX and I am also getting this exact problem - If I play New World on higher settings it seems to shut down quicker though.

To be clear, this isn’t the game just crashing, It’s my entire computer and it acts like a complete restart.

Can you check your Event Viewer logs Ripwind and see what ‘Critical’ failures have happened whenever you get the computer restart? - Go to Windows Search > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System and then find any Critical events. I am asking for you to check this as whenever New World restarts my computer, I get a “The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.” (Kernal-Power 41 error).

This only happens with New World… Hope to see an answer to this, I have only seen this error on AMD Ryzen CPU’s so far though (Could be GPU maybe too?).

EDIT: Thermals are all fine and are usually lower than other, more demanding games.


This has been happening with my PC as well. Twice now, while I was looking through the server list, my PC restarted itself. It happened once while in-game, and another time upon logging out onto the main menu. There are no error messages, my PC isn’t overheating, all of my drivers and PC software is up to date, and I have fairly high end hardware, though not the “best of the best.” This has never happened with any of my other games.


guys, dont do it.

You are probably hard at work killing your graphic card for good. Please google this topic and limit the search to one week. Also please google for EVGA, 6900xt and New World.

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I got an error like that, but it’s vague.

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Exact same error as me, I believe @Shameless_Sheep has a point, we could just be ruining our gfx cards at this point. Do you also have any AMD components @Gin?

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I don’t have that type of gpu. Doesn’t seem to be related to what kind of gpu you have.

it is related to manufacturing flaws of EVGA and possible others. Some soldering contacts break down in less then 1% of the cards according to EVGA.

Nope. Asus Prime z370-p motherboard
intel i9-9900k processor
msi geforce gtx 1080 gpu
corsair vengeance 16gb x2 ram

It’s possible but I’m not 100% sure on that one, I think the game just needs to be optimized more or better drivers from AMD because I’m also running the game on my EVGA 2070 Super just fine.

It absolutely has to be an issue with New World’s optimization or something else in the game itself. I can build a PC, I can troubleshoot things okay, but I’m no programmer or tech savant. I have, however, seen a lot of similar complaints from people using all kinds of hardware, so it’s not limited to EVGA or other specific hardware, from what I can tell.

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Same thing here. That’s the critical error I get once the machine has started back up. There does not appear to be anything in the log as a critical PRIOR to the complete shutdown, however.

That was the original assumption with the 3090’s dying, yes, but it seems to be an issue with far more hardware than just EVGA 3090’s. AMD, Nvidia, Intel, seems like all combinations are having some similar issues. I have a Razer 15 with a 1660Ti / 10750h that does not exhibit any problems (so far) but my desktop is a whole other story.

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If your PC registers spikes in currents or voltage, such as shoving an extra 20W of heat into a graphic card, it simply shuts down. No logs, just power off. Good for you that it did not stay on.

I know, google it. A lot of good people are already on it.

5950X and XFX 6900XT, 1000W. Same issue, random shut downs


So, not to curse myself here, but I ordered an EVGA SuperNova P5 1000w PSU to see if that helped anything. I replaced it today and I’ve been running for about 20 minutes without a complete shutdown.

That said, watching my power monitor, the power draw swings are crazier than I’ve ever seen for a game. I go from 300w to 450w and everywhere between. Yes, obviously CPUs and GPUs scale power based on need, but I’m running everything at ultra and sitting idle in a camp with nothing really going on around me.

It makes me wonder if maybe some of the GPU failures are actually triggered by some weird PSU behavior from this game. Rapid spikes up and down are maybe causing some overcurrent protection tripping in the PSU or something, I don’t really know.

I’ll update in a bit, but I’m at about 10x longer than I’ve ever been able to stay in the game to this point.

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Funny, I had thought my PSU was the culprit in my SFF build. So I ended up buying a new case, new power supply and still the issue persists, it has in both CBT and OBT. Their tech team was unhelpful and completely besides themselves when I told them the extent of my troubleshooting. I do it for a living professionally. I went so far as to completely wiping out all my drives and data and reinstalling windows. I only loaded NW, Steam and my drivers. nothing else was on the PC and it would just freeze on the load screen after clicking play.

I’ve now gone the extreme step of ordering a new CPU, RAM and a new Board to see if that rectifies it. Unlikely though since 5800X and 6900 XT builds exhibit the same problem.

Oh man. Yeah, I just can’t imagine the issue is really all hardware related at this point, you know? Frankly, I’m a little worried now that my 6900xt is maybe going to fry now that the PSUs seems to be out of the equation. Watching these power swings on my meter is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with other games I’ve played.

I’m at about an hour of playing right now which is by far the most I’ve ever had.

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Was your previous PSU multirail?

The SuperNova P5 1000w is a single rail PSU, the one I ‘upgraded’ to is also single rail.
Following some back and forth with EVGA support I switched to a single rail PSU and have completely voided all issues with my EVGA 3090.

I believe this is ultimately the problem since the power draw is erratic on the 3xxx’s and they demand pretty high power draw from a single rail - from research I believe with multirail you get more wattage but doesn’t necessarily increase the power available from a single rail. At least that’s my noob understanding of it.

For anyone having issues with 3xxx’s cards, PLEASE double check if you are using a single or multirail PSU and swap out to single and test.