New World still superior

yeah yeah yeah bugs, exploits, bs territory control mechanics, the negative things about this game are sometimes overwhelming.

But on a Friday night after work when you’ve finished your first spliff of the day, running around flagged in 4k ultra settings picking hemp, and all of a sudden a filthy green/purp appears. Nothing beats the next 2 minutes that ensues.

The world created in this game is second to none in the MMO genre. Nothing compares graphics/sound/immersion wise, and that’s why I still play.


Thats what we all enjoyed for some hundred hours after release and then we faced the truth of being timegated and limited in any part of the content.
Also the insane RNG when crafting things didnt make things better.
It was just another way to hold us back.
And now we have to live with questionable decisions and nerfs and even more trys to stop our progress and at the same time the fun is getting lost.
Recent update just shows how bad they understand the community and the game and the silence makes it even worse.
They also promised a lot like performance fixes but it becomes worse from update to update.
Some players have spend thousands of hours in hope that this is the next mmorpg that will last and be healthy for the next years.
If i would do such a job then i would question myself and if i had choosen the right job.

Indeed, I like this game the most for its uniqueness, where else can you find so many bulids (still waiting for daggers) and great communication between players and devs (apart from the last path, rest in peace GC)

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Agreed - i loved that aspect of it. Until i hit 200 crafting and did the math on actually obtaining the items i was after in those crafting trees.

New world is the most restrictive game ive ever encountered when it comes to player freedom for theorycrafting.

Id love to test my build ideas out, but i cant. It will cost me multiple tens of millions of raw materials to get a set of gear to test these ideas - EACH BUILD.

Once i ran the numbers, i bowed out. All motivation dead. I can only harvest so much hemp before i stop caring.

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The game has a ton of potential, the graphics are great, combat is unique.


The time gating bothers me. Their last dev post they mentioned they are doing it for the reason of “equity” and I guess I worry that AGS is going to continue down this path. Holding back all the players because its not fair that they get ahead.

I prefer an equal system where all players are provided a sandbox to make of what they want of it. The more they work the more they can attain. This idea that they want to hold back the hardcore players because of “fairness” is not how you keep around hardcore players.

Unless their goal is to turn this into a game where they timegate everything and you only get 6 hours of content a week then they lock you out of your account for equity and fairness.

Yup yup yup.

We could see tons more unique builds and variety in the game if they just let us craft 600gs items with 2 perks and 3rd is rng.

Farming 60 hours to buy 1 piece of gear for one single build is not what PvP players join games for.

The world and graphics are amazing i agree

You and like 15,000 people think so, and the rest of us want what you’re smoking because the world seems like a much better place under that influence than under the influence that lets us see the truth of NW.

At least it was only 40$. I’d be pretty fucking cross to have spent 60 or 80 on this game-- hour-per-dollar be damned, if I’d known an MMO was going to cough up a lung this hard after a sprint around the block I’d have left it at home and told it I’ll be back from my run in about an hour only to have never returned.

40$ isn’t so bad though, I can’t really accuse them of ripping me off, it’s a good deal-- it just got released too early to sustain the longevity-of-play they seemed to be hoping for.

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