New World Transmog 3D Viewer [CAREFUL! Tons of screenshots!] with most items in the game and NEW Sets Explorer on New World Guide

Transmog in New World

Transmog? Items models Preview? Where are item visuals previewed in New World? - Answer to all of this is one and sad - you have to obtain an item, then find it across hundreds of other items you have in your storage, and only then will you be able to equip it and finally check out visuals of the specific item. And yes, transmog is only announced by devs, but you should be looking for the best-looking items already today, right?

Anyway, now you have a solution!
[Hi, Salut, Hallo, Cześć, Hola, Oi, Bonjour], dear Adventurer!

Let’s dive right into what is described in the title because this is exactly a case when a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s first check what the updated view for armors looks like with the Horus set, which is available to be viewed using any item of the Horus set, eg

Tho of course viewer is available for individual items too, eg

Besides the background since the last update also every model’s quality and maximum zoom have been greatly increased! Let’s have a look

But of course, the quality of models is limited by those models presented in-game :smiling_face_with_tear::sweat_smile:

Luckily the game got items with models of much higher quality than armor :wink:

At this stage one may wonder: ok, your nwguide had a viewer for armors and sets a few weeks ago. I see that they are improved and it is easier to look for details, but that’s it?

Of course no!

All New World Weapons

Let’s have a look at a few different weapons categories

PROTIP: Hold the middle mouse button to not just rotate the item, but to move the camera around the item

New World Rapiers


New World Hatchets

And yes, this will be the one and only model from Nightveil Hallow, because while they look cool - I do really hope that transmog gonna be released by AGS sooner than Nightveil Hallow 2023 will be live :smiley:

New World Swords

An example (funny one) of Sword

And an example of the beautiful sword

New World Greatswords

Greatsword with cool insignia

New World Blunderbusses

Two cool-looking blunderbusses:

And the cool one which looks like stolen right from the hands of davy jones

New World War Hammers

One of the cool War Hammers look of which is impossible to use without transmog, because top GS is limited to 400 points

New World Great Axe

New World Ice Gauntlets

New World LS

New World Void Gauntlets

Did you liked the models? Then you may also like what else is possible to do using New World Guide!


Horus Set :heart_eyes:

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Just tried this out and the first two skins I tried first have some pretty major issues.

The entire lower portion of the skin isn’t present. The belt buckle and the lower skirt-kinda thing. Autumnal Lord's Chestpiece Common New World Database

The color and lighting on this one look entirely off. The texture looks off, as well as moving fabric fringes towards the bottom appear to be missing. Fallen Spirit's Breastplate Common New World Database

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The Eye skin for Azoth Staff :heart:

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Thanks for your feedback!

I have been looking for some reports with issues for a long time. Working with models in New World requires tons of time, and many models got a bunch of ad-hoc solutions to display one or another thing, so we will be fixing those issues one by one, based on reports from players like yours!

You can also check a bunch of different screenshots/items in the post on Reddit!

Though this night I discovered that Reddit only allows up to 20 images per post, and not more, so collection we have here on Forum is already bigger :smiley:

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And hey, @everyone, in case you will have some cool findings - feel free to share them :smiley:

P.S. Keep in mind, that while “effects” for models are not there, many models still may look in a quite different way compared to their in-game look. The same may sometimes be applied to color masks - we will be working on improving this part closer to transmog release. Hopefully, you will enjoy what we already got covered and working :slight_smile:

This is a huge one!

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Thanks, @NorgannonHH!

Still a lot of things to be polished, but this time we will first finish with information about drops from mobs coz it’s very sad when you like how some weapon/armor looks but you don’t know where to farm it :smiley:

Hopefully beta version with information about drops will be finalized tomorrow

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I would definitely ask AGS’ permission to use their assets on your 3rd party website before you publish it.

They might not be okay with it, or at the very least, might not be okay with it until they are fleshed out and lit up a bit better.

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Good find, thank you!

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Most websites based on data mining would not be able to exist, because from law point of view there’s no difference between an image of an item from the game (icon of an item) and a 3D Model

Anyway, thanks for caring about potential consequences :smiley:

Some really weird stuff is going on behind the scene xDDD

does anyone know the name of this one?

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The “Aureate’s Golden” set from Ennead.



Btw, @Transmog have you seen the latest updates to models?

Tho no rush because one more BIG update for models is uploading right now while I writing this message :slight_smile:

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amazing website! can’t wait to have transmog and finally be able to wear and dye what we want!

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The outdoor scene seems to do great for lighting on the 3D models!

It does appear that effect/animated objects do have an issue though;

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It’s not the issue by the way

All animations and effects not gonna be there because most of the effects simply couldn’t be displayed in the browser in the same way as lumberyard does. Thanks for reporting it though.

I mean, we really would like to add those animations :sweat_smile:
And MAYBE one day we will find out the way to make the but meh. Highly unlikely that it gonna happen in near future

Well, changes between initial images in the thread and after all updates is really easy to spot :smiley:

This low GS GA is one of really great examples why NW really needs Transmog

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