New World Transmog 3D Viewer [CAREFUL! Tons of screenshots!] with most items in the game and NEW Sets Explorer on New World Guide

But to be honest even without Transmog eg items from Tempest’s Heart M10 look really cool

Seriously, check some of them, they are really cool looking!

:tada::partying_face:Happy New Year’s Eve! :tada::partying_face:

Our twitter with a bit more pics, by the way:

Nice job man !

Am i the only one thinking those skins are trash ? I mean they does not fit at all in the game, looks like generic shit from a dispassionate skin maker.

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Are there any skins you like?

Would love to add them to the thread :slight_smile:

Still waiting to hear what are your most loved items in New World :eyes:

Look at this post

Now I’m fully confident that the bottom part of the skin is missing because of how AGS works with models in Lumberyard. Which means probability of having them 100% accuratelly displayed in browser’s 3D viewer is almost zero xD

I mean this has happened before and I imagine will be fixed soon.

That’s unfortunate. It is missing quite a lot on lots of skins. :frowning:

Btw, feel free to send the screenshots of missing parts here or on Discord!

All and each different (missing) part needs attention and “special care”. But not all of them could be displayable at the end of the day. But hey! That’s why we have a workaround with screenshots: at least we can make sure that adventurers are covered before Transmog arrives

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