New World Turned My GPU into scrap/bomb

First of All, the topic is self-explanatory. 1080ti on the graphical settings that you start with when loading up the game for the first time (everything set on High). Took maybe 2-4 hours to turn my GPU into literal trash or more instensely a homemade bomb. One of chips next to the vrams exploded after the computer had shut off due to New World OVER HEATING my PC to it’s absolute limits, the tempered glass could LITERALLY BURN YOU as well the power button area (which wasnt as hot as the glass).


I’m not sure how the inside of mines look, but this game did kill mines too. It was a RX580, but I didn’t even get a chance to select a server died while trying to connect waiting.

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Absolute yikes. My friends are saying their pcs rest on the menus at 70-90C degrees. No gameplay, just main menu.

Getting through to customer support is near impossible right now so I don’t know how to proceed from here and buying a new graphics card from these scalpers is absurdly out of the question.

I had to dig out my Dino old GPU, just to have something to run my system.
But it’s no where close to being able anything.
These prices are just crazy

I have a used RTX3070 I’ll sell you for 2 grand. If you have a decent car you want to trade in on it, I’ll consider it! :slight_smile:
Sorry, I know things are tough for gamers right now. But I couldn’t help laughing out loud at this post. It’s funny-bad… or funny-sad?

I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this. But at least it’s something interesting to read about while I wait in queue for the next few hours.

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Someone out there would trade their car for a card lmao maybe they’re exploding gpus to push people to order new gpus through the amazon store :thinking:

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yeah, won’t be playing new world for a while at least until this craps is resolved…

so sad, my deepest condolences. After I watched this video Something is still terribly wrong with New World and certain GPUs!! BEWARE!!!!!! - YouTube I now run new world like this, so it wont burn my $3000 dollar stupidly overpriced 3090 with no RMA stock, lol. It still gives 60 fps untill the game goes dumb-mode and start to load textures slowly or some other weird stuff. All other games and benchmarks run fine.

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