New World turned off for Russians?

From midnight on March 22, it became impossible to enter the game from a Russian IP. Is this racism or a mistake? If it’s a mistake, how long will it take to fix? And if this is not a mistake, then I have bad news for you …


@Luxendra would be great to get some clarification here.

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Edit : AGS aligning themselves with most USA companies who taking out their service from Russia. There is no racism here


Your welcome

don’t know AGS did this or not but Dota 2 definitely needs it, actually its even too late they already killed europe servers lol.

Amazon pulled video and gaming from russia because of the war. It was in the (not putin controlled) news.


Republic of Belarus - same issue

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Hey all, I’ve closed this thread since it has derailed off discussion on New World and towards global politics, violating our Code of Conduct.

In response to the original post: Due to technical and other restrictions, the game is available only in certain locations. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with access from your current location.

Thank you for your understanding.