New World Update 1.6.1

" * Fixed an issue that caused some ability passives, status effects, and perk activation cooldowns to reset when swapping weapons."

Could u make this change actually to work that way?
It would stop some combos that gives instant kill.

As example: Empower from heavy attack of sword and shield then switch on blunderbuss or hatchet and do crazy dmg. Dmg that kill majority of players that plays under 100 CON.

I think would be more fair to lose all buffs from weapon 1 when u swap to weapon 2.

That is how it works currently

The fix is for cooldowns reseting so like maulers resolve would reset allowing someone to spam it by swaping weapons quickly when its sipposed to be on cooldown.

Im not sure if this passjve was broken but its just an example

Oh I didnt know about that one.