New World Update Issue

Whenever there is an update to New World via Steam, 30 minutes after entering the game and playing, a notification comes and kicks you out of the game and you have to check the game files via Steam. I’m very bored with this event because whenever there is a new update, I have to check the files again and I’m using HDD, as many of you know, HDD works very slowly, so I have to wait 1-1.5 hours to enter the game. This problem needs to be solved urgently, I have experienced this event 10 times in total.

Is it really taking that long to verify files on your PC? There’s something else wrong going on there. My PC has HDD and it only takes a few minutes. Not saying you don’t have a valid complaint, but if it’s taking you that long to verify it’s probably got something to do with why the game is kicking you out 30 minutes after the update as well.

I don’t know exactly what the problem is, my HDD is running really slow, yes, I understand that this is my problem. But every time I update the game and enter the game, it either tells me that a file is missing or that I am using a cheat, but I don’t use anything, I just update the game and enter the game. As a solution, I have to check the files and it takes too long, I suspected that it was taking too long and I deleted the game and reinstalled it, I even deleted steam and reinstalled it. but there was no solution. it still checks slowly.

Below is an example of the problem I’m having.

My best guess, is that if it takes that long to verify integrity on your system. That when the game gets updated, it is probably still trying to verify files while you are logging in and playing. This may be detected as a corrupted install and boot you out until you manually perform the verify and let it complete.

I am not an IT professional so take that with a very large spoon of salt.

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