New World vs Mortal Online 2

So I saw the Lost Ark post, unfortunately not worked for me, however I’ve discovered this diamond:

Pros and Cons from my personal gameplay:

  • Held their vision from beginning till release(unlike NW)
  • Skill Based PVP (Unlike NW)
  • Responsive, approachable team(unlike NW)
  • Talking about the problems openly (instead ignoring them like NW)
  • It took just few days for the team to provide new servers to drop down the queues (Ok, I’ll stop with pointing out obvious things)
  • Game is based on good old games like UO, meaning you have plenty of skills and not enough skill cap to have them all, so your character is unique
  • PVP centered, however PVE is strong with dungeons and vast map to explore
  • Full loot, balanced system, meaning you won’t have to work weeks, months or even more to obtain single item(just watch YT guides on it)
  • Good Graphic
  • Tons of professions and skills making you unique - for example you can be a hunter tamer, that specializes in gathering rare plants, scales, horns and other materials that non specialized characters cannot
  • Devs after release spoiled there will be 12 schools of magic, tons of updates regarding new lands and so on, and that they are close to ready

I could talk more but…If you’re into RP/PVP/PVE setting check the game for yourself.

One thing to note is that game has a subscription, however buying the game grants one month free. Why? Well, if you create a game and want to stick to its concept requires funds, so instead of trying to do marketing bullshiet to for example destroy fantasy game with rainbow animals, costumes or hiring streamers to make fake hype, they got proper cash flow to fund and build further.

Currently game has no queues as it is sharded, I found few weird things about it, but that’s nothing major.


Ok so go play it? Why posting it on new world forums.


MO2 never had more than 10k players concurrent for a reason.

This is that reason, far more entertaining than me boring you with reading. It has a lot of points in it that will reach beyond the pvp focus of the video - worth a watch:


This discussion kind of happened in another thread.

It was the one about making new world full loot.

From my understanding of the game it is mordhu the mmo which just doesn’t appeal to me and seems to work in weird clucky way plus the full loot is a big turn off for me and a lot of people

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Tried it. The game is the most Convoluted mess I have ever played. You need books for everything, there is no way to know what almost anything does beforehand, the amount of materials make no sense, and the combat is clunky to say the least.

They did almost nothing new from mortal 1 to 2, just updated the graphics.


I do play it. I post it so if someone who liked old New World is still hanging out here, and they don’t know it, they might check it. Nothing more

After playing 3 different Darkfall versions that all ended up dying, don’t think I ever try a full loot pvp mmo again, there’s just way less pvp in such a game compared to more theme park ones.

True. That Youtuber doesn’t sound fake at all, most intense MMO fight was for him to run away from a NPC and shooting 30+ Arrows without killing the NPC. Awesome, lets not forget that he says that we should subscribe to HIM to help the game, what’s that weird logic.

But go ahead, play a combo between for honor and skyrim that looks clunky and bad imho.

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lol. No.
That was everything that was wrong with New World. It targets a very niche and small demographic with little longevity.
New World has issues, there’s no denying, but it will improve.


Ah yes, MO2 the best pvp game ever lol.
How is that 100k people on one server going? Bunch of guilds who were lucky to get onto the main server and block everyone else from joining it are now probably set for life with mats, castles etc. Lol such risk, true hardcore game only for chads.

Ah yes, the “Let’s assume worst scenario that isn’t even possible due to game nature and mechanics like full loot”

Short answer: No such Thing.

"How is that 100k people on one server going? " -

You can play MO2, but first you better take a couple advanced courses in the art of reading 25 books of every step of every single thing you do.

Then get naked and go attack people with wooden swords, because that’s basically all everything in the game devolves into.

The combat is clunky, the interface and actual direction to do anything within the game is non existant and the community for the server you play on will have 1 dominating group controlling anything of value.

Good luck in there.

  • I played the MO2 Beta and I played MO & Dark Fall for years. This games primary objective is to make you hate it so much you either force yourself to like it, or quit. If you quit, you were a filthy casual, if you stay you are garbage, bad at the game and a filthy casual.

Wasn’t it supposed to be single world with no shards?

Sounds like you aren’t cut out for online games at all


Go play some MO1/2 and come back and teach me how to craft your first sword :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes.

I’m in it, and I make my own hammers so I’m good kiddo

Great, so break it down for us.

Go over each book you had to learn and how you figured out each book.

Then go back to the graveyard and farm some more zombies :slight_smile:

It’s simple, you follow what you want to make and read the prerequisite books. Sorry if you can’t read so well

Nice copout, kiddo.

It’s simple, you follow what you want to make and read the prerequisite books. Sorry if you can’t read so well

No cop out, I one shot zombies I’m on main land in the spider dungeon atm

Thei forums are a goldmine. There are people demanding even more hardcore pvp and threatening to grief ppl to force developers to change various systems.