New world was the most immersive game I've played in the last 10 years... Until I found out you cannot swim

For years I have been waiting for a new MMORPG to come out and tick all of the boxes, a game to help me escape from the stress of real life and play casually to be immersed in an alternative world and forget I’m actually in a game world.

New world has ticked all of those boxes.

The sounds are amazing, The world is beautiful with dense forests and thriving wildlife, being able to climb mountains and lay prone hiding in grass takes immersion to a whole new level, combat is powerful and fun.

…Then you try to cross a river to your next destination and your character walks across the ocean floor like a zombie suffocating.

There is absolutely no excuse for swimming to not be in such an immersive game with such great character mobility, for me the lack of swimming makes me remember I’m just playing a game and kills my immersion.

I’m hoping it’s just due to the development team running out of time and the current state is a temporary issue.

But do you think AGS will be implementing it in future updates?


Concordo. Mah trasorfa con cor do in corcordia, affoga nell’italiano.

I thought it was because you have to hoof it uphill both ways… in the snow… with no shoes…

Well, from an immersion perspective, if you’re carrying a bunch of stuff, you’ll sink…


I really don’t like this as an excuse for lazy development. Theres also zombies & magic in the game hardly realistic eh.

Just saying, you made the immersion argument. If you want immersion, I think sinking makes more since than swimming when carrying lots of stuff. Also, there are plenty of ways to cross bodies of water in this game and I rarely need to swim. Then, there is the whole PvP element, rivers present a barrier for people’s ability to flee or chase. Makes for more complex engagements.

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I don’t think this was lazy development. I think it was a choice they made with the game.

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I will be honest, the first time I stepped thinking I could swim but ended up walking across the bottom of the water I was thrown back, but if we are being totally fair it did offer a great laugh when my first deep water experience was walking across the water in Cutlass Keys with a large group of players. It would be cool to see some type of swimming added into the game, but in my total honest opinion its not really needed at the moment (and yes I do realize we are talking about immersion). Like a lot of people have stated, that when carrying a lot of things (usually an upward of 100lbs along with wearing any type of armor) that would usually cause a person to sink towards the bottom of a body of water. If you wanted to talk about immersion killing, I feel like New World has done better in that aspect then other games. Take Skyrim for example… you can wear full heavy armor AND carry 300ish lbs but still swim perfectly? But there is also the other side of this, when you are carrying a normal amount of things and NOT wearing crazy armor. Then yes, I feel like being able to swim would be immersive.

Touching on the other side of my comment about it not really being needed. In the amount of time that I have played, I have only really stumbled across 2-3 places where swimming would be helpful and a lot of those helpful places are not really a necessity, its more of a “time saver”. There is not a lot of open ocean to explore, the rivers are not THAT expansive to where you can’t just walk through or use a mobility dash through, and none of the lakes are THAT huge to where walking around them is a total inconvenience.

I’m not sure if it’s more hilarious that swimming isn’t a thing, or that people are actually arguing against it indirectly for the sake of arguing. 10/10


there is people in real life that cannot swim.

Everyone walking past the sea in Cutlass Key to do corruptions be like 98% in water, 2% of the head is breathing XD

Once I decided to jump into a pool of water to test and see if it’s “Fresh Water” and how deep it is so I can start fishing… wrong move. It was so deep, and I got stuck between rocks, I drowned LMAO

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There is a huge difference between immersion and realism my friend. I understand your point but it’s irrelevant in this case.

I know right, argueing against a feature that would benefit them.

Try to swim with 80kg of armor !

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