New World would be much better off in the hands of

Players who are non-entitled children stuck in the bodies of adults living in societies filled with first world problems, disrespectful attitudes and toxic behavior towards every game they touch.

If I were AGS, I would translate the game to the languages below after finishing the development of the content promised in the 2023 roadmap plus the unannounced parts, including:

  1. Overhauled territory control so that influence becomes actual open world PvP skirmishes happening in and around the forts encouraging players to not only capture forts, but having to reach a certain number of players killed in the open world displayed as a count on the map.
  2. Enable cross world queues for instanced Wars (besides OPR and arena)
  3. Wars becoming an event between an alliance of companies from a single faction v an alliance of another faction’s companies allowing as many players on the entire region, not just a single world, to participate in a week long war campaign with a set daily amount of wars, and whoever wins the most number of wars at the end of the week, wins the war. This would also take care of the issue of having to merge servers all the time.
  4. Separate combat systems so that PvP continues to be the eternally impossible to balance overpowered 2 weapon system, but make it so in PVE players have all 6 abilities coming from a single weapon so that the PvE moment to moment gameloop would include the most core part of an mmo PVE game – specializing in an actual role emphasizing the immersive RPG part of the open world experience
  5. Turning the PvE corrupted breaches tech into an event as important and engaging as the overhauled PvP territory control game mode described above
  6. Turning the PvE invasion instanced game mode into what looks like an actual invasion of a certain town, using instanced versions of all the towns on the world map rotating daily, and decouple it from the territory control PvP game mode
  7. The rest of what has already been announced both on the roadmap and outside of it
  8. Translate the game to simplified/traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese


Can not edit, so adding this here:

And as a paid DLC to be released in 2025 and beyond, add:
Open world PvP zones as part of an expansion where islands get added with a boats system and swimming with some kind of under water content, like diving/hunting for gatherables/treasure only found under water, with “dive hunting” being the new profession. The islands would be the always-on PvP zones.

Problem is ags wana put everything on reasons
Like exsample ags dont wana put mount in game ags wana do samethink like ttade skill for mounts, , but ags cant understand one thing, we as players ,we just wana do wat we like to do, we just wana have funn without reasons ;D.
Look how many companys just disbanded becose thei lose teritory, game becoming one big mess

Guess what bro, the world aint all sunshine and rainbows. We live in a capitalist world and consumer markets are competative. Gaming industry is competative as all hell and if AGS want to compete they need to put out a solid product, which new world currently is not.

Corporations live and die from the feedback they get and how they adress it. AGS should be thankfull they have active people giving them feedback, wether it is harsh or not doesn’t matter. They cant be soft little babies getting sadge everytime someone doesnt like their shit. Do you know how many games out there are dead on arrival? Behind it there are thousands of manhours put into creating the game and then nobody even wants to try it out. The world isnt fair like that. You either put out something great or you learn from your mistakes and improve it, look at no mans sky. They made a comeback. But thats because the devs didnt give up, they took their harsh feedback and decided to work on it and adress what the players wanted and expected from their game.

Right now new world is a wet turd. It could be great, but then AGS need to start adressing the real feedback they are continously given. As players we are loyal only to what we find fun and get enjoyment out of.

Keep thinking the players are the problem while the game dies from constant bugs, exploits, dupes, and lack of any sizable content.

The roadmap will come with it’s own slew of massive issues that take weeks to address.

All of your threads seem to be about massive changes they could make to improve the game, those will never happen. You will end up jaded and disappointed at one point too.

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I’ve seen better ideas posted on the forums tbh. These are hella boring


you forgot to mention those eras of gaming were in their infancy as an industry.

there’s a reason njoone plays MMOs anymore.

developers learned to strip down the core gameplay designs of MMO and make each of them their own standalone genre for faster more repeated gameplay engagement.

if you want to bring all those elements back under a single game you have to see how the current era players are playing those games and turn the game to those design principles.

That’s how you make a modern MMO that will appeal to players playing standalone versions of things that came from old MMOs.

otherwise this is and will forever be a dead genre that only get supported by devs and publishers looking to milk a declining player market w heavy cash shop itemization.

Despite having lost more than 95 percent of its peak player numbers, WoW survived 20 years filled with thousands of game breaking bugs and exploits, a community it disrespected endlessly and treated as sub humans, transformed into cash cows to milk endlessly. Survived despite being the most hated game of all time.

Before WoW, EQ2 also survived even more than 20 years, being OK with a player base of under 1000 active players in the entire game worldwide, while making up for lost revenue through selling expansions released more frequently, with a premium sub for more QOL.

The genre is very much alive and being enjoyed by more people than ever before with the difference being that not everyone has no choice but to play WoW…

MMOs have always been a niche audience, and they are not big money makers, while taking a lot of work… I am an MMO guy since 2001, so I see the issues, but it seems these days MMO designers are seeing dollar signs by creating a dead game with a cash shop they don’t put much thought into and hoping it just cashes in.

Is Logan Paul running AGS?

You just forgot that both people and the industry has changed. While WoW was pretty much the only big MMO back then, now there are multiple good MMOs on the market and many more will release in the next few years to come. You forget that people can just move to the next one. New World had around 1M concurrent players at launch and every single one of them had a shitty experience. You can’t tell them to forget that, especially the ones that stayed for a couple of months and only saw the game getting worse and worse.

Before WOW there were some strong MMOs, Everquest 1, Dark age of Camelot, Lineage, etc… but yes, before WOW the largest population MMO was 3.5 mill, and WOW destroyed those numbers reaching an epic peak of nearly 13 million at one time.


Both games were launched in Nov 2004.

I would argue that you left out one of the greats; Asheron’s Call. That’s a quibble though. :slight_smile:

What set WoW apart, I think, was that it would run on almost anything and its only real at-launch competition was EQ2…which was busy cannibalizing EQ’s player base. But yes, WoW was the 400 lb gorilla in its day.

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So true, I think about the PC I was playing WOW on in beta and launch! Yes I lagged for awhile in Ironforge between the bank and auction house, but after that I was fine.

#6 is a good suggestion though, and was likely the original vision. Check out “the purge” in Conan Exiles.