New World's Community Discord Servers (EU)

Links will be updated.
If you have the discord for any of the empty ones lemme know so I can update it.

Legacy Servers:
Aaru: Aaru Meet & Beat
Abaton: Abaton’s Settlers
Asgard: Asgard New World Community
Barri: Barri Community
Caer Sidi: Caer Sidi Server
Dry Tree:
Fae: Better Fae Community Server
Niflheim: Nilfheim Community Server
Nysa: Nysa EU New World & Friends
Tartarus: Tartarus Community Server
Thule: New World Thule
Tir Na Nog: TNN Community Server
Tupia: Tupia Community Server

Fresh Start Servers:
Apophis: Apophis EU New World Community
Artemis: Artemis
Cleopatra: Cleopatra Community
Fate: FATE
Galahad: Galahad
Gawain: Gawain NW Server
Gilgamesh: NW - Gilgamesh
Ilium: Ilium New World Community
Imhotep: Imhotep Community
Jormungandr: Jormungandr
Kronos: Kronos New World Community Server
Nyx: New World - Nyx Community GER/ENG

Hope this helps you find your community!


Fae is actually - Fae Community Server

That discord is even more dead than the server itself.

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Good work :+1:

Is there any way to have a single community server?

They were all part of the one I posted, but unfortunatly, things got out of hand, the owner had to act and they took offence and left to make their own. It is what it is.

As far as I saw, the one I posted originally has more traction and is more active. If that’s not the case I can change it or post both of them. But you guys over at Fae need to decide :smiley:

Added the communities for Aaru, Cleopatra, Kronos, Fate and Galahad!

I can’t say which to use. Katar’s Discord for Fae was there at the start though. I post map updates from nwmap to that discord.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

Added the communities for Gawain, Tir Na Nog, Nilfheim, Gilgamesh, Imhotep and Jormungandr!

Discord? better going back to a tin can and a length of string LMFAO

are there any updates to this?

Some one post an updated Galahad link the old one is broken.

The original link should work as well, I’ll see whats wrong later. This one should be ok for now!

Any updates from Ulthar and Crassus ?