New Worlds for EU cONFIRMED!

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I want to play WITH MY FRIENDS!!! who are already on an existing server…


we have a company and more than half our members can’t even log in and this has ruined our progression… hopefully, when they release the character transfer we can all play together :slight_smile:

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Well at this point this either means queue pain or get yourself started solo for the next weeks and transfer to your friends then. At least we have some sort of choice now to get started :confused:

Of course, the whole world having a free transfer will probably end up in an equal shitshow depending on how player retention is for the first month of the game.

The free transfer is for existing players to transfer TO A NEW server.
So I could play on a new server but not transfer to my friends for free… in time I could get the option to PAY for a transfer. ’
Thats their angle!!! make profit on people transfering to their friends!!

Nope, not according to this post:

Offering the free transfer after launch was specifically to get people out of queues for existing servers and split up to new ones temporarily and still have the chance to get back to their friends later on.

It all depends on how they do it. I had changed 3 times from server yet.

First one to play with my guild and friends on the same server. Queues of 5 hours and way more.

We then changed not only our guild but friends and other friendly guilds to other server. Then we had same problem.

Now I changed to other server cause getting 2 hours minimun of queue to play everyday is not even close to something normal.

Guild and friends split btw 2 servers. And I have to accept thar if I want to play with my guild I cant join server after 18:00 cause then queues are way to high. Someone explain me that. So people who work all day cant play in some servers because they come late home?

I really, really, really hope that this is true and works for ANY server. If not, madness will come to me.

The big work is to communicate the equal allocation of the players. Getting in correspondence with big streamers and company leaders will be the Key.

So i still have not yet managed to get into game in EU… ty NEW WORLD for this… i get it for rough starts in MMO industry… but i can not remember when there were 7+ hours queues in new game - there were always some, but there were numbers of servers that later were merged/closed… but i guess we are going other way around now =) can not play this weekend i am for sure this will not be solved.

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