New zone : Darkfall IDEA

Hello guys,

i just thought about this cool Zone …

  1. Think about a Zone were PVP is always on - i know a lot of people now roll their eyes but please read my idea.

  2. In this Zone are some rare material spawns that only spawn in this Zone, the deeper in the center of the zone the rarer the materials.

  3. The rare Materials can only be used outside of the Zone and ONLY for good PVE EQUIPMENT.

  4. When you leave Darkfall the Materials will start to decay, but you will have time to craft with them.

  5. When you get killed in Darkfall you lose the Materials.

  6. No fast travel in Darkfall

  7. There is a bulletin Board inside every Major City outside of Darkfall where players can create their own quests for Darkfall.

Like :
I need 250 “insert rare material name” until tomorrow morning. I will pay you 2.000 Gold.

  1. PVP players now can check the Bulletin Board and accept the player made quest.

  2. There could be a City in Darkfall that you only have access to without rare materials on you.

I think a Zone like this could have great possibilities for new gameplay mechanics and an economical twist that supports pvp without hurting pve players … in fact they could benefit from it.

What do you think?
What would you add?

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Don’t make me pvp for my pve. No proplem with a pvp zone I just won’t go there so don’t force it on people.


Please don’t make us flag for PvP if we just want to explore a new zone.


Gating PvE content with PvP has never went well.

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hmmm … you wouldnt be forced to go there … if you want the mats just order it over someone who is willing to get there.

And even if you just want to explore the zone you could i mean its not like we are playing a full loot pvp game … there is absolutely no loss in dying in pvp.

I’ve asked for a pvp zone but for what ever reason they don’t seem to care for pvp so I spend 30 to 50 usd every month on this free game lol,

50 usd for the thrills and fun i’m ok with it since it’s the only real pvp out there in an mmorpg these days even though it’s 20 years old

Here’s a little clip I made like a week ago

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You lose time. Which is valuable to many

Making a PVP only zone for people to farm PVE only gear? The PVEers wont do it and the PVPers will never use the gear so what is the point?


I don’t think there should be separate pvp gear, just all same gear so the market can thrive and co exist and pvper would have to participate in pve zones

I also don’t think the 3 factions are a great idea for pvp, 2 is better, would be to complicated for pvp zone, thats why there are only 2 sides in outpost,

To efficiently make a pvp zone the game would have to eliminate the 3 factions for 2 or it won’t be balanced unless in faction options you were given secondary option for pvp zone for example human or orc red or blue, something like that and it would work with in the guild options

Welcome to Darkfall.
Calfardar is under siege!

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