Newer 60 - a few questions about Gen/Laz

So I hit 60 a few weeks before the latest patch, never been to Laz/Gen.

GS 590 purples and blues with some good perks, bought at TP before patch so should be 100% effective.

538 avg. expertise.

  1. Am I good to go gear-check wise to handle the content for vanilla Laz/Gen? What about mutations?

  2. I’m assuming the initial gear drops won’t be great because of my low expertise, but are Gen/Laz worth farming just for the expertise bumps? Or should I just wait until my expertise gets higher?

  3. Previous expeditions I’ve run all had associated questlines to send you to the dungeon and provide a free orb. Are there any quests associated with Gen/Laz?


Yes your gear is perfectly fine to do Gen/Laz regular. Even in the 520 Faction armor it can be done. Yes again it is worth it for Expertise bumps; you should get between 6-10 bumps a run. Yes again there are quest lines to get free orbs for both Gen/Laz.

Good luck

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