News for the Fresh Start server?

It’s been a few days since Fresh Start servers were “confirmed” and haven’t had much other info about it.

Myself and my group of friends are now waiting for it, kind of in this weird limbo, not wanting to play on Live until the patch/servers drop.

We’d like to at least know if they will ever allow transfers or will run separately. and if they will use this opportunity to also introduce PvP fresh start servers alongside it.

Could we have a general estimation on when it might start? Or when we might get info regarding it?


I am right there with you. I am looking forward to the server drop. I just wish they would give us a timeframe and details.

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Based off the negative backlash happening right now over the idea of fresh start servers -

AGS is probably considering holding off on that idea.

Just a guess.

Same here, playing something else a bit til the fresh start servers go live. Mainly more work hours though to fill the time lol

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They said they’d give more information in the coming weeks. You can only be patient, friend.

There is probably more excitement around fresh start servers than around brimstone lol.


Pretty sure the backlash with not having freshstart servers would be larger.

Theres a lot of people hyped and playing other games waiting for the fresh start servers. If it was ripped away theres a good chance it could cause a pretty big finishing blow.


Same Ive been hoping around between Guild Wars 2, Wotlk classic, and Evil Dead

Same here. I’m in gaming limbo while waiting for a fresh start on eq terms.

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There are way more people into the idea of fresh start servers from what i see than against. There is no way they are considering holding off. If that was the case they would never have brought it up in the first place


Just like you said , me and my friends are waiting for the Fresh servers and we are not willing to play on the Legacy ones because it will be a waste of time. We are even considering deleting our lvl60 characters in order to use our old nicknames again.

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What backlash? good try.

You and like minded players made good publicitiy for fresh servers and bad publicitiy for “legacy” servers. Players saw what the community is on “legacy” servers. Everyday QQ topics, grumpy mentality, toxic to players with diffrent ideas as them (nice ideology and community). This is the players who said they will do anything in their power to destroy fresh servers and are happy with 20k playerbase. Those are the same people who are happy on a server with boots, RMTs, cheaters, mechanics abusers, etc.

On the other hand new/returning players wants to have fun in a game in a much better state as it previous was. They are enthusiast again for this game.


No need :grinning:

Right there with you.
Just waiting on news, tired of waiting…
Lets us have the news at least

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Finishing blow? how… the game has been spiking to 40k peak before any talks of fresh start servers (we saw 40k the week after the dev update on BSS)

If everyone’s waiting for it on other games then not releasing it should have 0 effect on current pop.

Also there’s hardly been any mention on it and everyone’s getting really excited - if they do release it, it makes more sense to release them with a completely revamped leveling experience and that would push it back months and months.

Please stop dooming about something only leavers care about - the game would be fine, arguably better, without them (the servers, not new or returning players).

They will certainly talk about it in the video at the end of the month. Let’s be patient it’s next week.

I’m all for Fresh Start servers too, but it’s extremely disingenuous to pretend every problem listed here won’t be replicated exactly and instantly on the new servers too.


Just because you have a negative opinion doesnt mean the rest of us arent waiting, as you can see, as am I and my gf waiting to play any more at all until fresh start

You understand the flaw in your logic, right? You just said the player base spiked before fresh start servers were announced… so yeah, they wouldn’t wait for something they had no idea was going to happen? who knows how many people of that 20k bump would have rather waited? you don’t (how unclear you’re thinking shows how bias you are even if it would be good for the game overall). and god forbid people want a fresh start. some people want to try the game over to experience it all fresh because they either didn’t play before OR they didn’t want to deal with all the bugs and toxic crap that happened in the first few months. Or maybe they don’t want to deal with people like you in their server…?

No flaw, you are just misunderstanding the point I made.