News for the Fresh Start server?

No. You’re misunderstanding the point I’m making and the flaw in your logic.

“the game has been spiking to 40k peak before any talks of fresh start servers”

you’re saying the player base spiked already, but we’re pointing out that that’s the tip of the iceberg. People are excited and WAITING to play on fresh servers. We’re saying that you’d get a lot more than 40k when fresh servers release and not releasing them would screw that over. A lot of people want to learn all these new systems in a place where people aren’t already geared out. That’s why they’re so hyped up and is bringing even more people. People who were 50/50 on giving it another chance are a lot more likely to. Multiple people on this thread alone will attest to that.
I still don’t know why people who stayed are so against this. Bringing more people into the game will be good. Who cares if they’re not playing how you want them to. Let them enjoy the game.

That would be an assumption you are making. Just like you are assuming

Because you have no evidence to back this. Which is a massive flaw in your misunderstanding.

Really that entire response is full of assumptions, I wont even bother sifting through all the bull.

Are you serious? My proof is/are the dozens of posts on this forum where people are asking for release dates because they want to play on fresh start servers. EVEN THIS POST’s initial post has people saying they’re waiting for them, not playing, and they’re in limbo. People in the comments are even saying that! You’re crazy

Yeah maybe 50 people I can count on the forums posting positive things about them. Half of them are recently created accounts probably owned by gold farmers to prey on returning players.

Yeah crazy for using logic.

Thanks man, I tire of this discussion.

That’s an assumption as well. In the end there’s going to be people who are for and people who are against fresh start servers. Everyone can do whatever they want with their game.


Well you just made a whole post about someone else assuming.

Now who is assuming? And now you’re judging people having new accounts? God forbid this game brings in new players. You should tire of your own negativity. Your bias is so bad you’re making conspiracy theories. Whether there’s new or old servers gold farmers would exist. And if anything that logic you seem to love would say “leavers” are less likely to RMT on a game that they’re not going to keep playing. Maybe they want a fresh eco where those servers weren’t ruined by dupers.


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