Next Patch, smelter gear missing?

Ptr for january and now Patch 1.2.2

The Smelter Gear is still missing without a reason, or just to make lategame longer for some people ?!

At AGS Developer Community Manager etc

Can you please say the time until you do this easy Job to fix this and give some bosses the smelter gear parts ??
We want it!
Or Do it for the next Patch pls !

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It’s hilarious that a simple set of gear is still missing entirely from the game 4 months after launch.

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Smelter gear would help decrease metal prices, but I think it’s too late for that since the large cities bankroll can effectively keep metal prices high. And keep the smelter gear out of other players hands.

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@Luxendra Would it be possible to get some update regarding smelters gear? This seems to be awkwardly balanced since some players have it from the initial launch but has since been removed from the drop tables. Our server is getting strangled on orichalcum and asmo prices

I’ve forwarded it to the team, when I have an update, I’ll reply here.


ive made posts about this many times. le sigh.

Can you forward again the ridiculous low droprate of weaponsmith pants please?
More than 30h of Malevolence farming and still not get those pants…

@Luxendra On a related note to the smelter gear and other trade skill gear, is it intended that both versions (Tier 4 and Tier 5) give the same bonuses?

I love that there is no smelting gear. You can just go to the smelter and craft asmodeum daily without swapping gear manually :slight_smile:

You can edit it, i think the crafting gear is Bugged too and higher gear shut give +1 more

4 months into paid beta you mean?

@Luxendra so the newest Patch notes are:

  • Smelter Crafting gear now drops from T3 Aptitude boxes

Does it mean smelter boxes only or all boxes?

I think just the smelter chest, they should change the Information

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Any updates?

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