Nice Camps, yall going to do something about this?

Oh no! He’s killing players in Great Cleave using a unique build that actually requires some skill and is not just ganking players!!! Quick! Someone report them so they cant kill me anymore. Quit whining and get good kid.


tell that to the people reporting him :joy:

Definitely an exploit and happening a lot. Same thing happened to us last week when we were pushing a territory. Since yellow controlled it they were out there throwing tents non stop preventing us then from being able to kill them etc.

IMO this is a pretty big exploit and needs to be fixed asap.


No you don’t.

That’s called victim blaming and is the normal response of idiots.

Whether you like his build or not, he’s not doing anything wrong and is well within the legal options the game provides. Don’t like those options? Blame the devs, they made it.

And that absolutely does not validate exploiting to win. That’s a fucking scrub mentality and you really should be embarrassed for thinking that way.


It’s sad that fake mass reports get people banned but not legit stuff like this. Especially after they said in dev video that fake mass reports will get the fake reporter sanctioned instead.


PvP through exploitation – and yeah, that means mass-reporting too. This is the story of New World since launch.
Any hope it ever had of being a legit PvP game vanished inside of a week.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

The best response to this has been the same since launch: Boycott PvP and downvote on Steam. Playing with cheaters means wasting your time. Have more respect for your time and go have fun elsewhere or doing something else.


There are no “cheese builds”. You just think it’s better than what you’re using. And if you think it’s so good, then play it yourself and cheese them back.


Yeah that doesn’t happen anymore unless you have like actually no con in light.

Actually it does with S&S + Hammer. I have 150 con. Not with BB though but BB is still close enough that you have to get out of range of the shots fast because it gets me very low. Im ok with that though. As long as I have a chance Im good with it.

What gets me is… This exploit could’ve been very easily stopped, yesterday, last week even. A very simple fix, remove the resource less camping from the game. Period, that easy, that simple. Replace the BW Fort perk with something else. The fact that this hasn’t been done yet, speaks volumes of the Dev’s priorities and responsiveness. SMH


SnS/BB can still one shot, but it takes a lot more setup and hitting all buff/sksill procs to make it work. BB is bugged right now with skills not doing damage and projectiles disappearing or just going right through a player. So many times ill get the drop on a player and go through my combo and skills just dont register or they deflect off the enemies head off into space.

SnS/Hammer is a full cc stun lock if you miss the tiny window where you can spam dodge to break it. Same with SnS/Hatchet. If you get stunned from behind with SnS/Hatchet, its not likely you will be able get the dodge off before they hatchet stun you.

If they can get the bugs fixed with BB not doing damage and projectiles disappearing, BB is actually in a decent place when built right. Even in PvE its sustained damage is strong, although it does require faster rotation, animation canceling and skill uptime management then simply throwing down your aoe and left clicking. Mortar Charge is probably the one skill that could / should be reworked. That and Spliting Grenades dropping at your feet when shoot it.

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Leaping Strike → Shield Bash → Instagib BB takes skill


TL-DR: side-note, looks like NW is still full of exploiters…
don’t be that guy… morals…

Well, simply put… why the fuck would you think it’s even excusable to have a reasoning why they mass reported him… I hate his ez mode garbage lack of skill usin’ build too but you know… that’s not the point… we got cry baby people nerd raging they died in a video game and decided to break the ToS and report him for what? lmfao

I do hate his build though but come on XD you gotta put that bias aside and see it for what it really is. which is some people just can’t handle their pixeled life ending… even though you lose nothing- except time to go back out.

It’s a problem when you got a community full of trolls and toxicity more-so than normal level headed people. If you wanna ask “why” about anything, it should be about that lol

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lovely people you meet on New World

Dude no one cares about the weapon build. It’s in the game it will get tweaked as time goes. This is not the page for you unless you want to chat about the tent cage… You may want to just leave the page.

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Yeah that’s a level 9001 elite neck beard right there

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Thats a Bingo

If the Devs condone cheating and exploiting. Leave the cheaters and exploiters by themselves in said game.

AGS never had a sense of urgency when it comes to fixing gamebreaking bugs or exploits. People have pointed out the camp trapping exploit during the PTR and it went straight to live. That‘s what happens when unexperienced developers are easily overwhelmed by the size of the project they‘re tasked to work on.

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Not seen it used in this way, seen it used to camp nodes. It’s a shame people have to stoop this low. Guess you can have the ego boost that people have to use exploits to beat you :slight_smile: If they flag for PvP get beat, cry about it and mass report then they shouldn’t be playing :rofl:

Even more concerning that this has been happening for a very long time and not been fixed!

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I’ve made a similar post a few days ago. This is still happening and it is an exploit. I’ve been chased in GC by 3-4 people dropping camps on me.

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