Nice Camps, yall going to do something about this?

Look at that. They did something about it.

if you are pvp flagged u should not be able to through a camp down at all it such a dum idea basically the person in the loosing fight can just put a camp down instant or vise versa what a dum idea to release this into the game like it was hard to go find a piece of flint a 5 green wood hahah it a joke

they just had no idea for a useful boni…
same in mourning dale

Has anyone tested what the change really is? AGS just said it’s fixed without any details

probably as ik ags

cant use tents anymore :cold_face:

Same story with AGS – “fixed an issue” with the EXPLOIT. [Maintenance] June 10th, 2022 - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

But where are the BANS for player using it for weeks?


Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Is Yall a new dev ?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s healthy for the game to ban players because of this. The game just can’t afford losing players over something, arguably, trivial.

At least this tent fiasco does not ruin the economy.

Not a perma ban but a temp 24 hour ban is perfectly fine for this even with the limited player base. The whole green faction on Valhalla is toxic as hell, so much in fighting between companies. Yesterday the drama overfilled into global with one of the green companies trying to mass report other greens. Im honestly surprised they have not gotten a mass report to stick on me since the last one, as they sent out multiple parties to kill me in GC all day yesterday.

Oh and even with having reported this player both in game and via web ticket with the videos attached he was back dropping tents on me in Great Cleave yesterday.

What is annoying is having to record basically all my gameplay so that I have support to appeal any form of mass report that Ill eventually get for simply pvping in this game.

Catching people in camps (aka Pokeball) is greatest content this game has ever offer to be honest. Peak gaming experience.

The issue is support is outsourced so the people addressing these issues on the front line have no skin in the game.

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Throwing down a camp is a basic PVP mechanic. The instant camp though should not be allowed when flagged. Not allowing destruction of the camps was a bad idea.

If only they make pokeball tent skin…

This is the worst possible attitude and the type a cheater/exploiter would say.
The existence of so many cheaters and exploiters and their willingness to openly cheat and exploit is the main reason the population is so low.
Get rid of them as permanently as possible to make room for legitimate players and a healthier player base.

AGS’s lack of action has turned New World into a skid row that is a haven for cheaters and exploiters.

There’s going to be cheaters and exploiters around regardless. You know what’s not going to be around? This game if it keeps losing players.

I don’t think the tent exploit requires banning people. There’s no damage to the economy, there’s no permanent advantage gained by players, it is just a dumb trivial thing and it’s fixed. Lets move on to more important stuff.

The game will naturally lose players when they are done with the content, but no one is going to return to a MMO if exploiters and dupers are running wild. All I hear from people after they hear this shit is “I am glad I’m not playing it anymore”. Having most known saying for your game being “Exploit early and often” is not a badge of honor, and protecting exploiters is worse.

The camp exploit is/was the highest level of harassment you can do in the game. You literally remove the other person’s ability to play the game.

Which has been fixed now right?

was working yesterday

Thats the past.

It was fixed today.

sounds about right…