Nice Job from NW Devs just care on future

Nice Job from NW Devs

I don’t play NW anymore, but just care on future updates, in best case update and put on only 1 server and region before for see feedback.
Going to another Game, maybe in the future with real fix, many people come back to the game.



see ya later.

I’m not sure what this is all about, but given the customs of the venue, I think I’m supposed to be angry. So…

Grrrrr. Arrrrgh! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

anger doesn’t change anything, I just posted something good the devs did

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click bait :stuck_out_tongue: , i see we can’t post comment there

A nice man once told me that if I use my anger, let it flow through me and learn to use the dark side of the Force, I can become more powerful than any Jedi. So…

Grrrrr. Arrrrgh! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I learned the same from this man, but the AGS team, ignoring the feedbacks, changed my mind.

now i simple no care, from my char stuck on random server and itens and time lost even impossible to use some crafts

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at least we know where AGS got there devs from. might explain why they act the way they do.


Killer Instinct and TNA Impact - Speak worlds~

Wait, intresting video but is this saying that Amazon has a large scale use of students learning via their own engine during events to try to get them to come work for them out the gate?.

That’s kinda interesting and a good way to get employees out of the gate. Also does explain some other things though…

It’s actually a pretty cool video, OP first language isn’t english but it was a good share.

really need SENIOR, but 3 years of experience is also good.

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one of the requirements was

Be an advocate for players and developers: Insist on the highest standards, drive to operational excellence, help create functional and engaging customer centric features.

LOL how many do that ??? more like

Be an advocate for developers: Ignoring what the players want, Insist that the highest standards are not met due to operation workload pressures, drive to operational excellence, but bear in mind you will never succeed at it, help create functional and engaging features, that the developers tell you, regardless if you feel it will turn away 85% of the playerbase.


Congratulations :partying_face:

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