Nice pvp content.. running back and forth with pvp missions and swapping forts

I’m still waiting for a reply to my question…

All those people doing those quest are PvP flagged.
What the hell are you “true PvP badass” player waiting to flag yourself, take the PvP kill quests, and just go out there and kill/farm them ???

There’s a PvP solution to this, and you don’t apply it. Why ?


Turning them off is an over correction. But I think they should find a way to have a better Open World PvP experience. I like the idea of a PvP hotspot and it seems to be working well but far from perfect.

You’re not wrong but it also create a lot of open world pvp situation. Great cleave at the moment is like a free for all vietnam all 3 factions just griefing each other which is AWESOME!

Now if only they can improve performance and make it playable, GC area to me with all the open world pvp is an unplayable < 20 fps mess, everything will be ok.

Devs, set Max PvP exp per day at 10k from pvp missions, problem solved and everyone’s Happy.
And Fort Exp max 3k per day (3 forts taken).

Set Loss Arena PvP exp from 250 to 500 and give 250 Azoth Salt instead of 0

Set Win Arena PvP exp from 1000 to 1250, and 500 azoth salt.


My company tried to mess with this and got jumped by two factions that were doing quests… great content 10/10

If they sped it up, there is another consequence that banned players can quickly buy another account and just get back up to speed with the help of their other cheater/exploiter friends. Just buy your gear and get carried on farming runs to level up.
With the timelocks on Experitse, that is no longer possible, so losing your account is more serious.

Yes it’s a terrible system, but it also raises the stakes for people who risk their account by cheating or exploiting.

Since AGS does a terrible job of banning cheaters and exploiters, this might be part of their “deterrence” model.
After all, toothless barking like this official post don’t mean squat. Obviously players are not afraid of getting banned when they use game chat to ask for exploits.

[Notice] Reminder on Exploits - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Looks like PvP is working as it should to me. The patch made a ton of people flag for PvP, giving targets/opponents for world PvP.

If anything needs to be changed, it’s maybe the Great Cleave PvP quests which are too close and too easy ? I don’t really know, I’m doing mine in another area I won’t disclose.

But PvP wise, the devs succeeded. World PvP is happening. Good job.

Which server? We got the same thing on Irkala even before the patch but now we can’t break the green+yellow truce on GC

In Shattered mountain is pretty close to

I just checked GC out of curiosity and indeed, compared to other areas, some of the PvP quests are very close and could be done very quickly.

I’ll stick to my little secret area, I have to run more, but I have little risk to get ganked by several enemy faction groups… but it seems to me this works as intended. World PvP happens. Maybe rework the GC and SM PvP missions to happen further away from the town ? But otherwise, I see this as a very positive impact on World PvP.

The difference is pve’rs aren’t always boasting about how there is no open world pvp and that when they see red it’s dead. But then when they get open world and a lot of red to be dead, they just play running simulator.


Exactly !
I hope that on this, AGS will NOT listen to those people.
There is a PvP solution to this supposed problem, which is normal for a PvP problem.

As I said, just take those kill quests and farm the runners ! Not only you’ll get a ton of easy kills, but you will increase your PvP rank.

Fort swapping may need fixing though. People need a cooldown for participating in wars, this has been said for ages now.

I got to a fort the other day flagged and had 3 purples on point. I was told to not attack them by members of my faction because of their agreement to farm points. Yes working wonderfully. I left in disgust…

Is there something in “Fort swapping may need fixing though. People need a cooldown for participating in wars, this has been said for ages now.” you don’t understand, maybe ? Sorry, English is not my first language, I may not have been clear enough.

That wasn’t in your original reply. Buts it’s the same fur faction quests. They just run past each other 90% of the time…

Ok sorry then, you may have typed while I was editing.
Well, yes, there is probably a problem with the fort swapping. But the PvP missions are just fine. There’s a PvP solution to them.

But the faction missions, the different factions just run right past each other 90% of the time. They aren’t working either. I see a lot of red that doesn’t end up dead. It’sa total joke.

Nothing stops YOU from not doing that ! Just kill them !
People who complain about this but do nothing are part of the supposed problem.

There was nothing stopping me from attacking other factions at the fort either, but you find that a problem but not agreements to not farm other factions running faction missions? I don’t get the distinction.

Fort swapping is an exploit. Not killing someone in the open world is not. You can’t really stop your faction from swapping forts… well, actually you could, make a guild with people like you and STOP THEM!

I’ve been doing PvP since Ultima Online, that was like 25+ years ago, and I’m appalled by the attitude of modern players.
You disagree with a PvP situation that has a PvP solution. Don’t want them to do that ? Stop them. I would totally agree if there were be able to get PvP currency without being flagged, but that’s not the case.

AGS finally managed to bring World PvP back. Enjoy !

The only problem I see is that some PvP missions in some areas are maybe too easy, and also fort swapping may need a tweak so it can’t be done that often. But otherwise… there’s World PvP, for F… sake ! DO it !