Nice Upcoming Patch!

Is that the best you’ve got?

Hey I like a good train wreck as much as the next person, but try and hide your eagerness for this game to fail a bit better please.

Except there’s no gypsum item in the cash shop… Nor will there be… That’s the 3rd bullet point in the Dev Update.

So we’re watching people cry about something they say will never happen, and could be implemented right now to buy “loot” boxes…

This whole thread is full of people crying about what COULD happen, that could happen right now, or when the game launched, or in 2 years… Nothing changes that…

Here is how they are bad;

  1. It forces players to do activities they dislike to be able to raise an arbitrary number that is necessary to play with friends. In a game that is based on freedom and a player driven economy.

  2. Because of how stats threshold and stats stacking work, it put new PvPers at a massive disadvantage during encounters with other players.

  3. The grind is so long that new casual players won’t be able to enter dungeons for at least 50 days after reaching 60.

  4. Any players that cannot play daily is disadvantaged by the new system and arbitrary gated. Punished for not being a mindless drone or having real life activities.

Probably other reasons i can’t remember. Typing so much about it lately that I forget some points.

For one nobody is crying, for two discussing what could happen based on the logical direction of the games development is what adults do.

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First let me say in this case I am just speculating. It is possible for them to add something like an item that allows you to craft more casts per day instead of the limit of 1 each maybe 2 each day or something like that. They could add an item that instead of a cast giving like 3 WM it gives 5 WM or something like that.

Again I am just speculating on this one but its possible for them to add things like that without adding Gypsum.

This is a decent read on the topic we had a few days back

It added different ways to level up your watermark besides mindlessly doing Zerg runs and farming named elites.

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Honestly the original Zerg chest runs, which I actually think were bad for the game although much more fun, were more casual friendly than the new system. The new system is the least casual friendly out of all 3 versions of the system.

Interesting, what makes you say this? I find it rather nice I can get a guaranteed WM up from doing OPR. I also find it nice they show me my current WM. Also adding jewelry to drop tables is nice. You people complaining are way off here.

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Yeah the community zerg carries fresh 60s (sometimes even 58/59s) and helps them get started. It’s been how we managed to keep most players still playing on our dying server

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THIS IS THE POINT… Yes… It forces people to play the game to become the most powerful players in the game. You can’t just be given weapons, or skip any end game content and craft craft out of Iron to 200 and then farm nodes and become the most powerful. You’ll have to put in about the almost the same amount of work as the person that DOESN’T want to skip right to being the best…
This is what we call BALANCING.

What? Again, this is the point of the patch to balance the game. Force people who took different paths in the game to do nearly equal amounts of work to be the best version of their character.

The grind is so long? People were done ALL of it in 30 days.
Again… THIS IS THE POINT OF THE PATCH… Don’t allow a path for people to complete all the character progression in 30 days.

Any player that cannot play daily is already at a disadvantage.
You WANT EZ Mode.
Which is what this patch ruins for you… AND for that, I’m grateful.

Not really. They added some casts that you can craft. Its still the same content that you get them from. You will still be mindlessly doing Zerg runs and farming named elites to try and get the gypsum to craft them.

It does add some help to casuals.

Those are some nice things but lets be real… they could make that change in a couple days of coding.

Imagine thinking ANYTHING in New World is hard.

All of it has been a time sink, and the HWM grinding so far has been the easiest of all the ways to get 600gs. Bugged spawns and zerg groups made that the fastest and easiest way to get gear.

The other two methods (assuming people did not RMT) were longer and more tedious.

If you are going to develop a false narrative, make that narrative factually correct, or no one will take you seriously.

Guess out of those 3 camps, who got to keep their gear.

This is why so many people are “whining”.

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Any game that forces all play styles down one content path is bad game design. This game started with multiple paths for multiple play styles. PVP players, Crafters/Harvesters, PVE players. Also players that like doing everything. Now there is only one path… PVE chest grind. This is not how the game was designed nor advertised. Imagine you picked up a game that was all about PVE monster killing and 2 months later they changed it so that all good gear comes from only PVP. Pretty much the same thing.

Thats also not how crafting works. Nice straw man.

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Good luck having fun at OPR when the gear you spent on or had crafted is going to be nerfed to adjust to you Asspertise.

Can you name the activity that a player likes doing that they can’t do to raise their WM? The current system makes you run expeditions, zergs, or farm elites to get WM up. The new system has many more pathways to do this, including crafting. Also can you explain to me how you know the grind is long? How do you know you can’t max all gear within a week of a few hours a day.

Well this guy disagrees…

Everyone in this thread is talking out both sides of their mouths…

One guy says “It could become P2W”
Which is a terrible argument because this patch DOESN’T have any P2W and we’re talking about this patch. The threat of developers adding P2W existed before this update, and will exist no matter what…

The next guy says the updates bad because “The games too much of a grind”
Then the next guy says “The games already EZ Mode”

So far this has been a series of whiners contradicting each other…

Cool story bro.