Nickname possibly offensive to some

Hey there @Muzz i tried replying on the thread that you. Are you able to message as I could not message you. Thanks

Hello, @KatNZ

We hope you are doing very well today :grinning: , tell me how can I help you ?

I’ve had a few people find my name offensive (it’s not) but am concerned that I will get reported and made to change. I’m ok with that but don’t want to offend people with a name :sweat_smile: ign is Ataahua

Ok I understand your concern @KatNZ for now we can’t change anyone character’s nickname because this kind of cases are handled by a special department if you get multiple reports for that particular reason they will take a look in your account and after that they will determine if your character requires a different name or not .

Ok that’s fine. Hopefully it doesn’t get reported too many times then :sweat_smile:

if that happens you are going to be prompt to change your character’s name (in-game) and that is all. :cowboy_hat_face:

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