Nightveil armor skins

i am confused are these character bound or account bound. was thinking i might grind them out for my fresh start character if they are account bound.

They are account bound like all skins. I got them all on my level 60 today and wearing some on my new character

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im very curiuous to see them, can you post a screenshot? baalphazu expecilly :slight_smile:

I can’t currently as I’m logged off. Sorry.

cheers, i went and grinded, or well killed bosses for less then an hour and got enough tokens to buy it all. was very nice to know they are account bound though. thank you.

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No probs. Enjoy. :hugs:
Trying to get my solo character up to 35 so I can join in and get the weapons patterns. :slight_smile:

No need to have a game, you can check them there:
Baalphazu’s Mantle New World Guide

Slithering Skull New World Guide

Jack-o-Lantern’s Smile New World Guide

The Pride of the Witch New World Guide

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