Nightveil Hallow Event on fresh servers

So, as I saw in the datamine threads, the Halloween event will be from October 18th to November 1st. It turns out that this event will not be on fresh servers?

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On fresh servers you can’t do it as most of it a level 60 event.


All experience has been cut via 50% for all levels. Main quests and side quests have been given more experience. You can do the main story quest from 1-60 casually in a few days.

People would have missed the first 2 - 3 days at most of the halloween event on fresh servers.

even with a 50% cut there is 0 chance a casual person is hitting 60 in a few days. People playing 10+ hours a day are not casual.


Have you played on the ptr since the changes? It takes about 15 - 20 hours TOTAL to get to 60 now with absolutely no grinding. Play 5 hours a day for 3 days and you’re level 60 now.

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No sir. The Fresh Servers won’t even drop until Nov 2nd so it’d be after that event ends.

If event ends in 1st november how i can do it on fresh servers?

Does anyone know if event skins carry over to newly created characters?

You can’t.


So I’m confused. It sounds like, from “exactly” you already knew the answer to the question but asked anyways?

Confused lol.

I replied post from guy who said that we can reach 60 in few days and take all stuff from event

If you’ve tried PTR you would know that you can hit 60 in like 4 days playing casually(but efficiently) I’m talking like 1:30-3hrs a day

I’m pretty sure all cosmetics are shared between characters on the same account right?

The question I was responding to was stating that if the fresh start servers released at the SAME TIME as the halloween event that we couldn’t do it because it required lvl 60.

The response was in regards to IF fresh start servers released at the same time as halloween event. That was pretty obvious.

Can’t do last year’s Christmas event on the Fresh Start servers, too. Such is the price of living within time.

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Nice! If thats the case then its no issue.

Im talking about the ones you get ingame from the event. Not the store skins btw.

Theres no way you hit 60 in 12 hours played… Not buying it.

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You go ahead and try it tourself. Get yourself a dedicated group and hit it hard. I’m not surprised that someone who hasn’t tried it out on PTR is skeptical.

You can sneeze on the ptr and hit lvl 60 with the 50% experience point required reduction and the increase to main quest and side quest experience. Super easy to tell the people who have not played on the ptr.

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