Nightveil rolls still BOP?

Why are all of these Nightveil Life Staffs in my storage still BOP collecting dust, while others are out here making gold cap on their Nightveil items? Didn’t equip or upgrade, just threw in storage. Now I see people making tons of money from their nightveil rolls. I’ve got about a million gold worth of staffs just sitting in storage and were not updated to be BOE like most others. Why are some still BOP and others aren’t? You’re telling me I can’t try to recoup any of my losses after rolling 100+ patterns? Need an answer here.

It was a bug that was fixed.

“Fixed an issue that caused Nightveil Hallow items with over 600 Gear Score to no longer Bind to the player following an update in the last patch that made them Bind on Equip.”

This is exactly my point! They updated to make them Bind on Equip, why are mine still BOP? Did not upgrade or equip. Not sure what I’m missing here

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I am sorry to know that the issue still persists for your “Nightveil Life Staffs” . This issue was addressed in the update 1.7.2 as informed by @JakeL (thank you for your support :star:) .

A few corrupted files may sometimes result in these sort of issues, hence I do advise for a steam integrity file check, and then restart the game to check if issue is resolved.

If not, kindly contact the support to raise a ticket for this issue.

Thank you.

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My question is - why are SOME items made BOP and some BOE? Why isn’t across the board? I feel this really shouldn’t be an issue whilst people are selling millions of gold worth of Nightveil crafts.

Guaranteed gs600 patterns are all bop. All guaranteed gs600 patterns have always been that way.

Items rolled with the green patterns are bind on equip.

The only thing they fixed is making the items rolled with the green patterns boe instead of bop.

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