No 14th event date start like we were told?

No notes, no communication, no surprise honestly. Why do I feel like the player base are the only ones who want NW to succeed? This must be some kind of social experiment.

This thread has the only communication on this so far.

Obviously the merge issues are delaying the patch, but an official communication on that would go a long way.

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Yeah this isn’t good enough

it is a social experiment. how much pain and disappointment can you endure? this is all part of jeffs market research for his space flights.


14th is tomorrow (Still 13th for me) and they can patch through the day and it would still start the 14th. Plus even if they said it would start the 14th, seeing the current issues with the merge, is not hard to believe they got all their efforts focused on it.

Tbh, I rather get no patch and have them iron out bugs instead of adding more code to a wacky one.


I agree, fix the merge issues, iron out the bugs and release when ready.

→ Just communicate that ←


It is, on the end most populated server full of bros forged thrue heat of battles will get the price straight from the uncle J.

Bye then, take care

Seriously. Thank you. I hate how people are going straight to the nitpicking on the patch release timeframe being up in the air.

I’m lucky to be on a server not seeing the vast majority of low pop server issues. I, speaking for myself, am perfectly happy to let our low pop servers and missing toons get back in-game before the new content is released. I can wait for Christmas until my family can come join me.

How grinch are we are we to demand a cool new event and updates while the merges I’M GLAD are being done before the awesome cool new event are struggling or outright missing people?

Chill out. Literally.


Look man, ain’t no one got time chatting to their guests when their entire house is on fire.


Yeah dude the patch could be delayed until February if it has to be to release some quality content and take home a win for the AGS team.

All I ask is utilize the Official News for things like this so we at least can relay to our small population server community that the event is postponed, instead of learning about it from a side thread and random comment.

Delaying the winter patch with directly correlates with Christmas - more or less - would be a weird move though. And the patch doesn’t contain any content besides the event.

I’d rather a clean “Winter” event (Winter isn’t just Christmas) then a broken “Christmas” event

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I agree. Hey, it’s even a shout-out to our Southern Hemisphere friends who always end up playing the winter events in the middle of their summer. I’ve never heard a complaint about that.

I’m looking forward to the patch as much as anyone else, but jeez.

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