No blunderbuss in Jan uppdate?

I thought it was going to be released this month. Was it delayed or is it going to be on next week’s ptr update?

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LMFAO please i hope they dont add new stuff look at this d-sync shit atm they need to fix that first

They said performance/bugs will be addressed in next month’s update.
Mutations are fine, but I don’t pve farm, so a new weapon would’ve been more enjoyable.

I was really looking forward to the Blunderbuss. Until they remove keys, adding updates to dungeons does nothing for me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the new updated added a new tier of keys.

imaging wanting a new weapon with 50% of existing perks not working as intended :clown_face:

Perks that aren’t even worth using :clown_face:

you are clueless, quiet now

freedom perk is broken its very useless but bugged

Really disappointed. GS increase is weird, Not interested in Mutations and no Blunderbuss. Basically nothing for PvP players this month.

Why did you think it was coming this month? The devs hinted it’s coming soon in their video, but no promises what so ever have been made.

two months+ from the interview is hardly “soon.”
If they actually dedicate february to fixes bugs then the earliest would be march.

maybe the data mine will have more information


They also said in that video that this month would be mainly bug fixes and mutations. That would indicate it wasn’t coming this month.

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