No camps in PVP

I feel there should be no camps in PVP because it should be a high reward/high risk factor.
Having camps put in place next to people completing PVP tracks and then spawning in behind you should not be an occurence because they should be spawning at the OP after they were killed.


PVP flagged players should be able to spawn only on their faction PVP flagged camps and these camps should be destroyable by other faction PVP players. I can’t understand why it isn’t a case since release


Because the game is ran by pvers


Or make pvp camps a consumable that can only be used or set as a spawn point for the pvp flagged – and can be destroyed by enemies flagged for pvp.

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Just make the camps breakable. And remove the no material camp fort


If they made the tents destructable for pvp, you’d have a pseudo point to protect. If you were hard pushing a point or area you’d want to have a team protecting the spawn tent closest to the fight. Much like the spawn trucks from planetside. Alternatively, you’d see sort of tent cities where players lay down like 20 tents akin to an actual camp, to have more targets.

Though, if they did this they would probably need to increase the tent materials, and most likely knowing AGS would probably put a time gate on them (Orbs yuck). They would likely need a repair function.

This would be interesting.

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We are aware and looking into the camp situation, we do appreciate the conversation and ideas!


Allowing rival factions to set camps on fire by an interaction which can be interrupted is the way to go I guess.

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just do what fejkb said ffs

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Camps definitely need to be destroyable after a certain amount of time,
or number of respawns used at a specific camp, maybe it has a hidden
amount of charges and after 10 or 100 or whatever number respawns it
fades with the last person spawning in.

I don’t really care how it’s changed, just needs to be changed.

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Pvp spawn in town or teleport shrine. Pve keep the same.


With all the new shrine locations, I dont think we actually need tents when PVP flagged anymore.

They used to be really far away to the nearest one, but that’s no longer the case.

We could easily prevent the various forms of tent exploit/grief if you just could not place a tent when pvp flagged, and when you flagged up, your last tent vanished.
If you also make it so that downed players count as bodies (like live players standing there already do) to prevent a camp being completed then I think that would fix most issues.

I can’t think of a downside to that system and people dying in pvp would have to run further to get back, so they’d be incentivized to play for their life instead of zerging at people and dying and respawning over and over.

This would increase the cost in player time for those people who “win” at open world pvp by respawning over and over until the opponent gets bored and leaves. That “tactic” should cost more.

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