No communication/announcement on trading being disabled?

I’m just confused man, we’re all in the middle of gathering for someone to get their crafting up, and everything gets disabled. Our invens are full of mats we can’t do anything with. No announcement from the devs telling us that trading has been disabled?


It’s because there’s a trophy duping bug going on. And thats an item that goes for 25k on my server so its literally flipped the god damn economy on its head.

What, You mean THIS announcement was just my imagination?

Holy shit people, at least check for dev posts before you start crying.


I made the post 3m ago, the devs made the announcement 2m ago x.x


the announcement was 20 mins late. trade was disabled for a while


Guess it will be like every time: Some temp bans, millions earned illegally can be kept, a slap in the face of everybody who tries to play honest.

The thousends of dupes luck trophies will have impact FOREVER in this game in the future.




Lyote it’s not your imagination, it’s your lack of following your own advice.
Had you CHECKED the time stamp before you started CRYING… well never mind as we’d not have had such a good laugh.
Keep 'em coming Lyote.


Seems odd to just dupe the trophy, why would they do that item alone?

Because it was done by lagging out the house system and moving an item. Caused it to put a dupe in your inventory or something like that from what i read/vids i saw

The fact that they have to is kinda a problem. But I am sure shopping for devs from University of Phoenix is a great strategy.

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That’s true that the house system lags. I bought a T4 house in Everfall and I could barely place items and my client froze outright several times. That’s unfortunate as it seems like it’s one problem after another.


Because if it works, why not? They sell for a lot of gold.

True, I just read that people could dupe a chest full of items. Shame.

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Hi there this is get ridculous i can not even buy my arrows and ammunition why no make it so you can not sell . people like me are getting feb up and are just trying to play this game please sort it. thanks Lenny



Not an ideal situation but you can buy your arrows and ammunition from the faction vendor for decently cheap. Do a few PvE quests or a loop or two of the PvP quests and you’ll have enough for a few stacks. Hopefully this is helpful.

How long was the trade unavailable last time?

Well done troll. Don’t pay attention to any details (such as the time dev’s posted any details about the suspension of wealth transfer) apart of trolling people. Stop such behaviour hater.

really? I have to scour developer posts every time they decide to suspend a major part of the game? They could put a message in the load up screen warning at least 3-7 days before so countless people like myself who don’t read developer posts waste thousands of gold in trade orders… this trade shut down has cost me twice now and I’m sure I ain’t the only one. I should not feel guilty for not spending 20 minutes a day of my time scouring through developer posts… that’s presuming there was even a warning

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