No Compensation for LOST home, LOST trophies, LOST storage chests

Customer Support Portal is a joke. It should be called Developer Support Portal. Because they waste your time to provide information for them, but they do not compensate you for losing your home including contents like trophies and storage chests. Literally zero compensation for no fault of mine.

FIRST ISSUE: could not region transfer
RESULT: zero support

I had planned to region transfer but thcen AGS reversed on what it promised. Apparently, this affected others as well.

Amazon faces backlash after New World region transfer U-turn •

SECOND ISSUE: my house disappeared
RESULT: time cost for me and a slap in the face in terms of support

  1. You lose my house on patch 1.0.4
  2. you ask me to provide diagnostic information
  3. you promise you are looking into my situation
  4. you post notes on patch 1.0.5 saying customers will be compensated
  5. 18 days after issue and cs rep asks me for rudimentary information solely to create busywork for me and to bury the ticket
  6. 18 days after issue you sidestep my direct questions about compensation

The most infuriating aspect of dealing with AGS support is the runaround.

Neither I nor the rep want to spend any time on a customer support ticket. Then why am I being given the runaround on this issue? When am I being compensated for my home?

losing your home, sounds rough^^

well, good luck to you, hope your problem gets taken care of

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