No content for solo players

For solo players 60+ there is no sane content because crafting requires a lot of orichalcum ingots (8500 or 60,000 ore) to level up the weapon creation level 150-200. But on every vein 24/7 there are people who, on a timer, every 20 minutes, come to collect veins from the spot and go to relog. The same situation with a tree.
You can, of course, fly outposts and receive in 40 minutes with an average of 250 gold and 160 nitrogen, but if you fly solo without a group during the day, you often get a situation when your team loses 100 to 1000 and you don’t get any rewards in the end.

You can of course do all the quests in the game, but I’m a little tired of the fact that all the quests for weapons are completely the same and I’m running
elite locations from 40 to 66 in a different sequence. It remains to just run and loot the chests every couple of hours, but there is no profit in this when in 2 months I did not get a single item for trophies.

If the outpost rush were more balanced in terms of roles (melee / tank, range dd, healer).

And if resources appeared in different points, what would be needed to look for them and not go on a timer every 20 minutes, dig a vein and leave afk.

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Most of my time in game has been spent solo, you are correct in that there isn’t a whole lot of creatively thought out solo solo stuff to do, with that being said however I’ve never run out of things to do (yet). Most of my time has been spent crafting, gathering. I didn’t actually complete my first expedition after amrine till I had been 60 for a while. Only did starstone two days ago with well over 800h in game.

Here’s the solo stuff I did:

Chopped to 150 day 1
Mined like a madman to 200 in Cutlass keys, (seriously I didn’t leave)

Decided I wanted voidbent armor.

Mined more, harvested, skinned . Refined all those. Hit multiple void ores eventually. Realized I needed motes. (Was training armoring during this time to make sure I had 200 ready)

Harvested tens of thousands of motes and compressed them to energy cores.

Smelted into voidbent ingots and then realized I made way too many because of bonus smelts.

Made my full voidbent (yay server second)

After that i started to get a bit bored of solo and started socializing a bit more (which in hindsight part of me regrets, got taken advantage of :frowning: )

Recently I decided to get 200 ws after that I did engineering and just did JC and almost finished stonecutting using the ungodly amount of gems I have.

The game can be fun to people solo, but perhaps only a select number of people who really enjoy the “zen” of grinding. I was actually kind of dissapointed after I hit 200 mining but I remember seeing so many people complaining about how long it takes.

I know a few other people who play the game in a similar fashion, I think it’s reminiscent of the RuneScape style of “iron man” where the player essentially completes the game without being able to trade with others.

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This game is very very bad for solo player, I’m leaving it for this reason, I like to play solo and sometime with other but in this game to play in this way is awful…

playing a multiplayer game and complain about no solo content…made my day :smiley:

Wtf xd I play on more populated server and never saw ppl camaping for nodes there is such a lot of orchi spots, I doubt that every each spot has a player waiting for respawn xd Why you wanna play MMO games like singleplayer there is no chance, so I think MMO games are not for you.

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I should probably note that in the beginning I had essentially NO competition for orichalcum etc so I was able to have a very relaxing grind without people stealing my nodes.

Recently I wanted to collect more orichalcum and have seen that certain map areas were changed, and everything seems mined.

To counteract this I look for nodes where I can do another activity such as fishing or harvesting. There’s a spot just north of Cutlass Keys where I will fish in the river until the nodes respawn (small bend in the river literally directly north of CK). It’s in the middle of a loop I used to do in the starting zones.

I will agree that this is a much different and less direct approach to what I did. You can’t focus entirely on orichalcum and expect remotely similar ores let hour anymore. You’re forced to do other skills simultaneously.

I confess that on my high pop server nodes for endgame mats are very sought after. Recently I am guilty myself of camping them as described in my above post. (I’ll fish till it respawns)

I’m probably to blame that everyone with whom I started has already been abandoned, and finding new ones they also regularly leave the game.

This is my trade skills

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