No Credit or Loot if you die on Dungeon Final Boss

If you’ve died twice and are waiting at the respawn stone, and your team finishes the kill, you get no credit (quest) OR Loot from the boss. Is this a joke? If this is intended it’s even worse than a bug. Basically if your team finishes the kill instead of wiping and restarting they’re effectively griefing you. I haven’t yet seen this issue addressed. Can devs confirm if this is intended or not?


They have plenty of stuff to be working on to be concerned about such minor complains… look at the current game situation and think if this is even a priority.

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Having to do an entire dungeon over again for quest or a chance at loot (when it requires keys and up to an hour to set up and complete) doesn’t seem very minor…


At least you get to play the game, this isn’t the time to be addressing minor stuffs like that.

I wouldn’t consider it minor especially when a dungeon is required for main story progression and people have to run it a second time to get it to tick over.

I don’t agree it’s griefing on the team members’ part though. They shouldn’t have to wipe for you. While healers are there to help you survive, it’s not solely their responsibility. Take pots and buff foods to manage your own health and learn the mechanics of the fight.

I do agree that you should get credit for contributing though, or at least quest completion if no loot


At this rate, It will take some time for things to be stabilized before they go diving to fixing such stuffs. Let’s be realistic.

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It may be intentional as a harsh learning curve, but I can see why it will frustrate some people. At least the key isn’t consumed (at least it wasn’t when our tank had this happen in Amrine). Some clarity on whether this is a bug or intended would be nice though

It’s not literally griefing, more so “unintentional griefing” as they don’t know better. The point is if everyone knew the player who died wouldn’t get loot or credit would they want that or try to redo the boss? If this mechanic is intended the devs are just insane… I’d like if they can confirm

I don’t think it’s intended. There are many basic features yet to be implemented such as swimming mechanics and animation. Give them some time, this is a AAA game.

I did the first dungeon for three quests. I was able to complete them just fine, even though I had died on the last boss. I didn’t get loot from the boss, but at least I was able to get the quests done.

I hope this issue gets addressed however. Sorry you’ve had that experience.

It could be if the quest requires kill credit or not. I was doing depths and I was not able to complete the quest. I think in first dungeon you just need to loot an item if i’m correct

Ahh! Yes that I could see being a huge problem. That’s especially rough considering you have to craft or find someone with a stone to get back into the dungeon to try again.

MINOR ? are u serious ?

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This is absolutely brutal, you’re basically forced to constantly wipe when one person dies.
Two people just got screwed out of rewards in our garden run.

I agree. We completed Depths a few days ago, 2 guys died right as the boss went down. No credit towards there story line quest. They logged off and went back to a different game. They haven’t played NW since. Little issues like this has caused our active players to really dimmish. We are have about 20% our clan quit before they made lvl 40. :frowning:


Instead of releasing to the shrine stay dead on the floor. Apparently you still get the credit then. Its leaving the arena that breaks it.


That makes sense, I’ll try that next time, thanks!

Yeah. @Treant , any feedback is good right now. Even if a tree is floating in the air, or a door is closed that you can walk through. The priority in which amazon addresses anything is up to them. No need to say this is abysmal and can wait, it’s not your decision.

But yeah, on topic agree that even if we go to shrine should get loot after tagging. If we never tagged and died I get it. I don’t know if staying dead works if you die multiple times and only have the option to release. But if it does, then wait till the boss does or a reset I assume.

This isn’t minor at all. It’s either broken or one of the WORST designed dungeon systems I’ve ever seen. Having to remake orbs, especially for the highest dungeons, is not easy or quick. If you run out of orbs you’re stuck.

It’s very, very, very bad.


You do not by the way. Literally just tried this in Dynasty and I did not get credit.

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