No free server transfer token

Name: Hellseeky
Server: East - Eden

No transfer token available. I never transferred with this account.

Hello @SaintSeek! Welcome to the New World Community Forums! :mage:

I’m sorry to read that you are experience this issue with the transfer token.

I escalated this issue and we’re going to check this for you, as soon I have an update I will reply back to you in this same topic.

Thank you for your patience. :star: :cat:

Hi again @SaintSeek! :sparkles:

Unfortunately checking your issue we are no longer granting server transfer tokens.

keep an eye to the forums for further news related to the transfer tokens.

Thank you for your time and comprehension, safe travels in Aeternum!! :world_map: :cat:

ok, not playing until you do.

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Name: Eilaafmanni
Server: Lacerta -Eu Central

Hi Devteam,

I had a token but never used it. Now i wanted to transfer with my fellow companymenbers and cant because the token is gone. I created the char here 3 weeks after launch
. Everyone else could transfer and ppl i aked on the server could also but the support told me that due to the merges it shouldnt be possible. Pls let me transfer with me friends. I cant stand to be alone on that Server.

Greetings Manni

Hi @Eilaafmanni! Welcome to the New World Community Forums! :mage:

I’m sorry to hear that you experience this issue with the transfer token, unfortunately like I mention to @SaintSeek we are not longer granting server transfer tokens.

You can find more information here:

[Notice] Addressing Server Transfer Tokens :cat2:

If you created your character 3 weeks after the release and you never used the token you should have it because we have turned off server transfer tokens for new players on November 22nd, but left existing tokens valid.

I’m going to check this for you and any update I let you know in this same topic.

Safe travels in Aeternum!! :world_map: :cat:

Î had it because i checked it once to see how it works and was in Worldsearch but didnt do it. Now that i wanted to use it i couldnt. My whole Company transed to Avalon and if i cant trans i gotta quit cuz there is no one left on this dead server i want to play with cuz all that i enjoy is pvp that basically doesnt exist here.

Hi @Lyon again. So i checked my achievementhistory on steam after work. The first achievement i earned on 12 of october. That means i should have got a token. And i hope it is not a problem for you to see that the char was created on Lacerta. That means sth went wrong with distribution or the time i checked the worldselection with the token i had. Maybe it disappeared without me actually transfering the server. Thats the only explanation that makes sense to me. So pls read out my data and give me that token back. I rly enjoy the game but me staying on that server will lose you another player. Thanks in advance
Stay healthy

Hi @Eilaafmanni! :cat:

Thank you for all the information, I escalated this issue with all the details that you provided to us and we are going to check exactly what happen with your transfer token.

Thank you for your time and patience, any update I let you know in this same topic. :mage:

Thank you @Lyon . If you need any further information, i will provide everything you need. Greetings Manni

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Hi @Lyon again. Its been 2 days now. Is there any chance you can give me an update pls? Thanks in advance. Greetings Manni

Hi @Eilaafmanni! :sparkles:

Thank you for patiently waiting, I have an update regarding your transfer token.
Checking your account I saw that you received the token after November 22 but the transfer token was used on November 24, that’s the reason you don’t see the token anymore.

Unfortunately at this time we cannot provide you another token but stay tuned to the official news section in case we have any announcements about server transfers.

I hope this information helps, safe travels in Aeternum!! :world_map: :cat:

Hi @Lyon.
As mentioned before i didnt used the token for transfering my char. It should be no problem for you to check that the char was created on Lacerta and is still on Lacerta. Pls explain to me how i should have used the token when the char is still on the server? Thats the point of my argumentation. It is not possible that the token is gone because the char never left the server. So there has to be a bug and it seems other ppl had the same issue when using the token outside of cities.

Hi @Lyon again!
Its been 2 days now and my playtime tends to 0 since my whole company is gone. Im trying it one last time before deinstalling the game. As u saw there was a token, but i did NOT use it. PLs check where the char was created and where it is now located. It is the same server. PLs let me transfer or i will look forward to waste my time and money somewhere else. Have agood one.
Cheers Manni

just returned after a hiatus, wanted to transfer to my friend’s server but found that i missing the tranfer token. my server has very low population and i never transfered, please help. I bought and played the game since launch.

Hi @kentsayshi ! Welcome to the New World Community Forums! :woman_mage:

The team is aware of this issue but unfortunately at this moment we are unable to provide new transfer tokens or move characters.

The good news is that the team is working on it and we are currently planning to release a second round of transfer tokens in early 2022. This may change depending on the feedback and data we receive.

You can find more information in the link below:

I hope this information helps. :cat: