No Fresh Start Server update OR special birthday event in dev update

I understand where you are coming from. But did they ever tell anyone they were going to do this?


There has NEVER been any offical word on Fresh Start servers nor are there any plans for them at the moment. Yall just take YouTuber speculation as facts and THATS the problem… Want proof?

Now stop taking speculation as facts!!! We all know whos been putting this idea in your heads, and it all just so he gets clicks on his videos. The amount of BS DK spits is amazing. Wasnt he quitting YouTube and New World 6 months ago for “reasons”… Hes quit like 5 times. Yet yall still hang on his words like you are a drowning man and hes the oxygen.


Let those driven by hype be gone anyway.
Those people who were loyal stayed.
Those that left and want back demanded fresh start servers, demanded to know when as early as possible, asked for possible wipe.

Whose DK? Donkey Kong?

The first 45 seconds has the proof that a game dev on twitter said there would be fresh start server news coming soon (this was 2 weeks ago)… Also has the forum post by the moderator

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The Game Dev saying we will have fresh start server news soon


The Forum Moderator saying we will have fresh start server news soon


Another Dev also hinting at fresh servers (this one is very new on the 28th)

Cause “News” means they are doing it… LOL OMG you people amaze me.

Yeah I’m sure the fresh start server news will be that they aren’t doing fresh start servers :crazy_face:

Will fresh start servers show historical territory standing points ?

its like bro, do you even mmo? but they’ve had a mmo for a year now… should have some idea how to mmo…

anniversary’s are generally a big deal. the industry has taught us monkeys we get cool stuff on anniversaries. usually a weeklong event with a free thing a day and some log on quests and some fun activities. lots of cm interaction in game… some coupons for the game store…

but… crickets??

this is the kind of thing that generates hype and brings even more ppl back…

but crickets…

For the devs… this is a learning experience. .please take away some thought on the matter here. the anniversary event is a big deal.

what we had here is doing it wrong. not getting it right. lol.


ppl that left generally did so for valid reasons. most of those reasons have been corrected. Hype is what it takes to get people to log in again to check it out.

your attitude is the kind of thing that makes a game actually dead.

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Well I hope so, else no point in giving us the PTR,

The dev are giving us new zone, new weapon, new ultimate, new quest update… and yet there are people crying saying they are not recieving any cake or skin for the 1 year anniversary…

GIVE us fresh servers , NO transfers allowed at all .

Sure it was…statistic numbers over the 1 year. :disguised_face: :nerd_face:

I will already be level 60 on my alt and getting some craftings to 200 by then, when brimstone sand release. :rofl:

Did they actually say no anniversary event, or just not confirm one?

Well they ended the video with something along the lines of “enjoy brimstone this is your birthday present” so I’m guessing there won’t be any sort of in-game ackowledgment or prezzies, especially since the anniversary date is now behind us. :frowning:

fresh servers are coming with brimstone sands update as that patch has the new 1 to 25 leveling experience, it seems pointless to start fresh wipe servers without the new 1 - 25 leveling


well obviously ??? like

True, if hes trying to making a living on New World content promoting FSS is the worst idea ever.

But to me it seems like he is trying to cash out on a bunch of returning players with little clue about the state of the game using clickbait titles.

I really despise that practice because its damaging to the health of the game.

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