No, mages did not need nerfing

That isn’t happening at all

Your video is really good, but your forum article only covers maybe 30% of the arguments you raised.


Heavy Freeze needed MAJOR nerfing. Everything else is whatever.

Yes, I read this all the time in nearly every game. I am not here to judge, I do not care about it. I write this so people can understand the problem:

Ranged classes spend more time attacking and less time running than melee. That results in good ranged players doing more damage than melee in situations with many players. The more players there are, the more effective become ranged weapons.

Since New World is balance around PVP, this means nerfs up to the point where direct engagement with a melee class becomes pointless. There is no real solution for this in any game.

The point in his video is that mages have no real killing power, because we have no burst. I think that’s a lot more important than anything said in the article.

Anything a mage does, easily gets healed by any healer. But one melee can burst 6-8k in a matter of seconds. It won’t be on 10 people, but it’ll have a lasting result: People die.

Mages function function like a support. They spec for damage, but ultimately they support melees. They soften up the target for melees to do the heavy lifting.


Yeah there was a lot I didn’t retype. Hilariously they released the official patch notes and the nerfs are even bigger. Look at the entombed nerfs lol
PTR and November Balance Changes

I do think not being able to receive heals while entombed has something going for it… But the damage of bursting out down to 70% is a meme lmao. It’s not worth the 20 mana it costs to burst out. Nobody will ever use it except by accident.

Except that mage is very short range and you quite literally spawn on point for wars

That is the devs trying to reverse into a one way street. Nerfing range is like balancing by taking it out of the game.

First rule of weapon balancing request is that if you have to cite another weapon to prove your case you already lost your argument in the devs eyes. This is universal to all mmorpgs balancing.

Second of a your ignoring all the crap with your weapon that was broken to your detriment and is being fixed .

Third if you dislike a change that’s not on love contest it .

You weapon works much .ore efficiently now and your perks actually will do what they are supposed to do you actually have to cast abilities to be a menace.

4th now that your overpowering aspect of the weapon have been reduced and the broken abilities fixed and improved your weapon is at a baseline where it can actually get upgrades now

yes, read my statement and think it trough. What would happen if mages had ranged burst damage?

Put three mages on a rock or palisade, who can touch them? Melees have to run there if the ranged player knows how to play. As I said, there is no real solution to the core problem.

I do not argue for nerfs. Simply do not expect to see the ranged classes to be let out of the dog house by the devs. Musket, bow and magic will be nerfed again.

I don’t see an argument here

100% agree, mages & healers have been royally screwed into the ground.
RIP us :sob:

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@LUXENDRA is there a reason why devs are ignoring this excellent feedback which is going to make mages simply either quit or spec to Great Axe?



This video was actually well made and very informative. Please watch it <3



Not really, this video maker is actually a total noob.

He says “they intend to remove the ice gauntlet CC, which could already be i-framed”

Shows zero understanding how to play as ice gauntlet. He shouldn’t comment on weapons he doesn’t use.

Well… Bows have burst damage… I’m not saying mages should have burst damage, but it still has to be taken into consideration as to why they aren’t as impactful as the scoreboard says.

(he is a fairly famous world of warcraft pro)

WoW is irrelevant to NW

so you, a nobody, is calling a professional mmo player a noob because his opinion, (which has a good argument), is different from yours? Hilarious