No Mainquestline after Selecting the Fraction

after i selectet a Fraction my mainquest disapeard at lvl 10 i checked every Npc

Hello @Koutinata

Thanks for the report. I’m really sorry about the problem you’re having.

Please try as follows:

After the step above:

  • Shut down the computer completely. Turn it on, then run the Steam client as administrator after 25 minutes and try the game again.

Thank you.

Im sorry that did not fixed the Problem

Hello @Koutinata .

I’m sorry for the delay in a response.

Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue?

If that is the case, could you please provide more information, such as:

  • Character name:
  • Server:
  • Region:
  • Logs:

Thank you for your patience.

Safe travels :mage: :snowflake:

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